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MindOrks Read #47

MindOrks Read #47
October 9th, 2019

content cover What is Architecture? If you are building an application in an organized manner with some set of rules, describe proper functionalities and implement it with proper protocols, then it is called an Architecture.

content cover In this blog, you will learn how to secure API keys using the Android Native Development Kit.

content cover Java is the most popular programming language being used by developers around the globe. It is a perfect language to get started if you are a beginner.

content cover In this blog, you will learn about the “open” keyword in Kotlin. You will learn how and why to use open keyword with the class name, function name, and variable name.

content cover Problem Description : Given two integer array A[] and B[] of size m and n(n <= m) respectively. We have to check whether B[] is a subset of A[] or not. An array B is a subset of another array A if each element of B is present in A. (There are no repeated elements in both the arrays)
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