Step By Step Guide To Learn Android App Development

A complete step by step guide to learn Android App Development. This step by step guide will help you in becoming a complete Android Developer.

Step 01

Learn the basics of Java programming language. The basics of Java programming language is a must for Android Development. To get the most out of the Kotlin, Java knowledge is necessary.

Step 02

Learn the basics of Kotlin programming language. As now, Kotlin is officially the first-class language for Android app development, learning Kotlin is very important.

Step 03

Now, you are ready for starting the Android App Development. Start with Android Development.

Step 04

While learning Android development and building Android applications, you will learn the advanced feature of Java and Kotlin.

Step 05

Learn about the important Android components like Handler Looper, Context, etc. The knowledge of these components is very important to become a better Android Developer.

Step 06

Learn about SQLite Databases and how to design the database schema efficiently. Designing a database properly is very important for Android application.

Step 07

Learn about Networking, GET, POST requests. Learn how caching works in Networking. Implementing caching smartly can make your applications run very fast and reduce data consumption.

Step 08

Improve your debugging skill. Debugging skill is one of the most important skills which makes you a better developer.

Step 09

Learn about Garbage collection, memory leaks. When it comes to building a smooth, fast Android application, you must have the skill of solving memory leaks.

Step 10

Learn about optimization in Android App. You should know when to use which data-structures to make a better Android application. Learn how to improve the rendering speed of UI.

Step 11

Learn Kotlin language-specific feature to get most out of it. For example, the extension function, lambdas & higher-order function in Kotlin.

Step 12

Learn about writing good code in Android. Read open-source code to know the best coding practices and how to write good code in Android.

Step 13

Learn about architectures like MVP, MVVM, etc and Unit Testing in Android. Following an architecture is very important for fast development.

Step 14

Learn about frameworks like Dagger, RxJava. These frameworks are widely used in Android Development. These frameworks help in writing good code very fast.

Step 15

Learn about how the 3rd party library works. For example, How The Android Image Loading Library Glide and Fresco Works? This will help you while coding an Android application. Knowing the internals of the library is very important for Android Developers.

Step 16

Keep learning and improve yourself day by day. Keep yourself updated with the latest technologies in Android by following MindOrks. All the best.

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