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MindOrks Read #72

MindOrks Read #72
Sept 9th, 2020

In this blog, we are going to learn how to optimize the RecyclerView performance in Android. With these optimizations, we can make the RecyclerView scrolling smooth.

This post is all about making a better Android App (No lags now! only smooth running UI). We will learn what can we do to improve the performance of an Android application.

Given two binary search trees with root nodes as tree1 and tree2 of size n and m, write a program to return an array of integers that contains all the elements of tree1 and tree2 in non-decreasing order.

You are given the head of a linked list which probably contains a loop. If the list contains a loop, you need to find the last node of the list which points to one of its previous nodes to create a loop and make it point to NULL, thereby removing the loop.

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