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Mindorks Newsletter #6

Mindorks Newsletter #6
July 10th, 2018

content cover A nightmare for any Android developer involves losing their app signing key or having their app signing key compromised.

content cover This year, I was lucky enough to get selected for Android Basics Nanodegree. This scholarship is being provided by Google in partnership with Udacity.

content cover A beacon is a small device that transmits a Bluetooth signal at regular intervals. This signal is broadcast in a certain format.

content cover In this article you’ll learn what are Android Architecture Guideline and how to use them to build modern Android apps with the help of architecture components.

content cover It is very important to understand the underlying details of annotation processing because most of the major libraries that constitute the major part of modern Android development, use annotation processing.

content cover Kotlin weekly updates.

content cover In today's episode, we are joined by himanshu saluja. He is to be a Bitcoin billionaire, a non-philanthropist plus a Senior Android Dev at UrbanClap.

content cover An EditText which makes your Drawable Clickable

content cover A utility for managing your MultiDex enabled projects.
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