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Mindorks Newsletter #4

Mindorks Newsletter #4
June 26th, 2018

content cover I’ve started playing with some of the machine learning APIs that AWS provides. One of these is Amazon Translate — a service that translates from English to a variety of other languages. So I thought I would make an app using it.

content cover Nowadays, most of the applications that we use in our daily life comes with the scrolling feature. They fetch data as we scroll down more from the data sources like network, database, and etc. They load the data on demand.

content cover Kotlin is superb in keeping code small and clean. Thing of matter is, we’re working on projects with almost all code in java, so we can’t transform our repos to kotlin over night.

content cover Actions are a new way to make your app’s capabilities and content more accessible, so that people can easily get to it at the right moment. App Actions will appear to users based on usage and relevance, across multiple Google and Android surfaces.

content cover Every app developer out there must have faced this situation where they want to store two values of same type. Typical example is managing the app updates where you want to check whether update is available or not.

content cover Kotlin Weekly

content cover Have you anytime come across the situation where you published your app to playstore and recalling the bug that you left unfixed? If yes, then this article is for you.

content cover A photo editor library with simple and easy support for image editing using paints, text, emojis and stickers like stories.
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