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MindOrks Read #39

MindOrks Read #39
June 11th, 2019

content cover Next wave of users are about to hit the Android apps in few years and these set of people are very different that the current users. These new users will be first time app users and will have limited resource at their disposal in term of computing, storage, power, and connectivity. This will be very challenging for the Android developers to build technology for this varied conditions. In this video Amit Shekhar and Janishar Ali (founders of MindOrks) provide tips to handle this kind of app development.

content cover Android Kotlin Extensions or simply Android KTX is a set of functionalities that allows the Kotlin developers to develop Android apps in a very sweet and pleasant way. If you are an Android developer, then you must be tired of using the old and rusty Java Android APIs.

content cover ViewPager is an android widget that allows or helps you to change the screen without changing the activity. In simpler words, if you want to change the app screen without making an Activity then you can use ViewPager.

content cover Working with icons in Android is a very good practice because icons used in Android application bring reality in applications. More the use of icons, more interactive the application will be.

content cover Ever built a List in Android ? What did you use for it? ListView or RecyclerView. If you are living in 2019, I am pretty sure you might have used RecyclerView. In this blog, we will talk more about updating the recyclerview using DiffUtils

content cover Almost all of us have used the Facebook Messenger app. Apart from the messaging features, it has a very cool feature called Bubbles. So, whenever a message comes in our inbox then that Bubble will be visible on the screen as a message notification.

content cover In any programming language, we use functions to perform a particular activity. For eg., if you want to add the details of students of a college then instead of writing the same lines of code a number of times, you can use the concept of a function .
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