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MindOrks Read #38

MindOrks Read #38
May 28th, 2019

content cover Android development has changed rapidly in the past 2 years. In this video Amit Shekhar and Janishar Ali (founders of MindOrks and AfterAcademy) have shared their experiences as a developer. They also explained about the training bootcamp program they have built for the Android developers.

content cover Jose Maria from Barcelona, Spain, 5 years of experience in development joined the MindOrks Bootcamp Android Training Program to learn and grow as an Android developer. He learned architecture components, Dagger, RxJava, Kotlin, Unit Test, and etc. MindOrks team personally helped him in mastering the Android Development. Now, he is having a better approach towards solving any problem in Android development. He recommends MindOrks Training Program to every Android Developers.

content cover Before starting, please open your play store and check for app updates. What did you found? Almost every app in your mobile device will have some app update. But what to do with this in our blog? I asked you to do this because I want to show you that the user of an app download the app, uses it but he/she never bothers about the update of the app and due to this they might not get the latest feature of the app

content cover In Google I/O 2018, Google introduced Android Jetpack and this has changed the way of developing a modern-day robust android application. Jetpack was made to use the advantages of Kotlin language to make the developers more productive. So, in this blog, we will learn about the Android KTX. We will see how things have changed with the use of Android KTX.

content cover Are you fond of animations? Have you tried writing code for a simple animation in android? If yes, then you know that adding complex animation is possible but time-consuming. That's why Google introduced the MotionLayout in I/O 2018.

content cover Gone are the days when you will be watching some cool videos and enjoying the coffee just after you have started the build process of your Android Project because it takes ages to complete. The current state of build automation tools handles several aspects of building project more efficiently than in past and Gradle is one of those modern build automation tools.
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