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MindOrks Read #37

MindOrks Read #37
May 14th, 2019

content cover This article is for anyone who is curious about the Kotlin Coroutines but has no idea what it is exactly. The goal is to make you understand what are Kotlin Coroutines which means that there are few simplifications done while writing this.

content cover Networking is one of the primary components of any Android application. There are a lot of good libraries out there that helps in making networking fairly easy for us. A few examples of such libraries include Retrofit and FastAndroidNetworking.

content cover Camera Development is Hard, Very Hard. and when I say hard it means we have to do a lot of manual labour in this automated world and that too are not foolproof solution of creating a consistent experience throughout all the android flavours and different devices.

content cover In Google I/O 2018 Google Launched Android Jetpack which is a set of components, tools and guidance to make great Android apps. It consisted of LiveData, ViewModel, Room Database, Work Manager etc.In this blog we will be talking about ViewModel.

content cover Google I/O is one of the biggest conferences around the world. Google announced a ton of stuff it’s been working on over the last year, from a dark theme to kotlin first Android development. It had 59 sessions specifically to Android.

content cover As we all are already using Kotlin for our Android app, we have also started using the coroutines to handle the concurrency in the Android application. In this blog, we will learn how to use the ViewModelScope for less boilerplate code with coroutines.
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