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MindOrks Read #31

MindOrks Read #31
March 6th, 2019

content cover Janishar Ali and Amit Shekhar(me), open source contributors, have done lots of open source contributions and also helped many fellow developers in getting started with the open source. In this blog post, we are going to explain three things.

content cover The second batch of MindOrks Android development training program for professionals is now open for admissions. This online and live training program will start from 1st April 2019. People from all countries can apply for it.

content cover Before you start writing your code, it’s better that you understand how to manage your code and how to make your code scalable. You are reading this “article” for two reasons. First, you are a programmer. Second, you want to be a better programmer. — Robert C. Martin

content cover Material Components (part of Android Jetpack) bring redesign for well known UI elements and even add new ones to the entire collection. In this article we’ll take a look at them — their appearance, behaviour and most important things.

content cover ConstraintLayout is introduced to build very complex and responsive UI for your app. Previously for building any complex UI I was using RelativeLayout till I came across this complex UI. Building this UI was possible using Guidelines.

content cover It’s a rule: every Android app has its own logic, context, and behaviors. And the solutions that may apply successfully to certain cases, may not work to others. One of the particular situations is when we need to identify when our application is on the foreground or background to launch specific tasks.

content cover As we know Room is a persistence library from the architecture component introduced by Google and most of the developer has already migrated their local storage implementation into Room from SQLite.

content cover Koin is a dependency injection framework for Kotlin and Koin oversimplify to manage dependencies, unlike Dagger.
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