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Mindorks Newsletter #3

Mindorks Newsletter #3
June 19th, 2018

content cover I have been a developer for over two years now and the way i have been coding has changed by learning and sharing with others. In these past two years i have seen thousands of lines of code, some were decent, some were ugly and luckily had few sexy ones too.

content cover As we all know, Git is a necessity for developers & it’s also a boon for all of us. But How much deep understanding of Git is required before starting the open source contribution? Answers may vary with different person & I’ll share my view on it.

content cover To build an offline-first Android app, which is usable in flaky or no internet connectivity, we need to locally cache our app’s data. Majority of the time, this data needs to be synced as much as possible and practical with fresh data from some type of back-end.

content cover 1. Kotlin 1.2.50 is out. 2. Kotlin Demystified: Understanding Shorthand Lambda Syntax. 3. Delightful Espresso testing with 4. The Nothing Type. 5. Your own personal Heroku Kotlin: using Espresso-Helper.

content cover I have been using Glide for over a year now and its really well designed library for image loading. You could find various articles on comparison but in this article will go through some known issues and best practices.

content cover Recently I started working on the messaging app which works even when you don’t have an internet connectivity to server, using direct IP address in Local Network (LAN). So even if Internet is not available users can still communicate as long as they’re in same network.

content cover Until now, you were doing pagination by yourself mainly by the use of RecyclerView onScrollEvent changes. This used to tell when the last visible item is reached and to trigger the API for more data.

content cover Vibrate huh? All it takes is one simple Manifest permission and three lines of code. Even though vibrate() is deprecated in SDK 26 we are still going to study it in order to understand newly introduced VibrationEffect class.

content cover As an Android Developer, during the last 2 or 3 years I had only worked with apps using MVP design architecture pattern and I hadn’t had much time to take a look at MVVM, Dagger2, RxJava, LiveData and Room, all together in the same project.

content cover Can machines do a better job at promoting, advertising, and ultimately selling products than a creative human being? A complete switch to AI seems futuristic, but some major brands have already implemented the tactic of using chatbots, voice assistants, and other smart systems for marketing enhancement purposes.

This repository contains a detailed sample app that implements MVVM architecture using Dagger2, Room, RxJava, FastAndroidNetworking, PlaceHolderView and AndroidDebugDatabase.

Robin is a logging library for Bundle data passed between Activities and fragments. It also provides a callback to send screen views of user visited pages to your analytics client.
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