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MindOrks Read #28

MindOrks Read #28
Jan 23th, 2019

content cover Localizing your product helps to reach out to more and more user. Did you know that you can reach almost 80% of internet users worldwide with only 10 languages.

content cover “Hey google” when I say this command everytime to my phone I can see my google assistant launches. In fact, I am using android version 6.0.1 that means I have to download an app from play store called Google assistant to activate this facility.

content cover Landmark Recognition is the process of recognising popular landmarks in an image. Many social media giants use this landmark recognition technology in their apps to know and understand their users better.

content cover Hello Generics & Type-Safety Lovers. I have been wanting to write a piece on Generics & Variance from a long time but just couldn't start. There are already so many great articles & videos on this topic that I couldn't think of a way to add some value.

content cover In this series of articles i need to take chance to share my knowledge in unit testing with you, also it will great if you open any discussion related to unit tests.
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