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MindOrks Read #21

MindOrks Read #21
Oct 30th, 2018

content cover All the Android top animation libraries. 1. Lottie for Android 2. Material Animations 3. Android View Animations 4. RecyclerView Animators...

content cover Augmented Reality has come a long way from a science fiction concept to a more science-based realism. Recently there has been a cliff-drop in the cost of development of Augmented Reality.

content cover Dialogflow (formerly was created in 2014 by a company named speaktoit and it is the same company who developed the famous assistant app in 2011 for android users.

content cover Writing an android library is not that complex once you came up with the idea what the library will do or contain as a feature that no one serves. So the very first step is thinking or getting an idea to write an unique library.

content cover Every android developers are very well aware of Third party integrations like Twitter login, Facebook Login, Google Login etc..

content cover Creating animations has always been fun yet tricky. With so many animation api available it can take some time to master the art of creating good, smooth animations, but not anymore.

content cover Gradle Play Publisher is a Gradle plugin that allows you to upload your App Bundle or APK and other app details to the Google Play Store.
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