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Mindorks Newsletter #2

Mindorks Newsletter #2
June 12th, 2018

content cover RxJava is the most important library which is popular among the Android developers. It makes our life easy. We use RxJava for multithreading, managing background tasks and removing callback hells.

content cover Every year google make changes in Android Run time to improve user experience and device performance.Before going to further on improvements let’s first discuss about ART in brief.

content cover First Android Smartphone HTC Dream was launched in 2008, back then It had 256 MB RAM and 528 MHz CPU.Since then android smartphone RAM has been upgraded upto 6GB RAM and 2.8GHz CPU.

content cover A new app publishing format is available in 3.2 version to deploy customized apk to users using Google play’s dynamic delivery system.Studio will generate .aab file that will be uploaded on playstore and it will create many different versions of app based on chip architecture, screen size and locale.

content cover In TvMaze (MVP Architecture App) I had used Dagger 2 for dependency injection, Retrofit clubbed with RxJava for asynchronous network calls. Now, the time has changed. Let’s cover on why and how I migrated TvMaze repository from MVP to MVVM.

content cover Weekly update on Kotlin learning resources and recent developments in Kotlin.

content cover For long, I’ve been thinking about creating a list of awesome resources that would help anyone get started with Flutter. If you already know what Flutter is and why it is awesome, keep reading.

content cover From driverless cars to speech recognition, Deep learning is making everything possible. It has become a hot topic of Industry as well as academia and is affecting nearly all Industries related to ML and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

content cover TextView is most important widgets in while developing android applications.Simply you can not develop any applications without using this. (1) TextView Architecture, (2) Styling text, (3) Text Layout in View.

content cover In this article we will discuss Software Design Principles ... what are the principles that we should follow while we are building our software, those principles are there to help us make robust, maintainable, flexible, and scale-able software.
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