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Mindorks Newsletter #17

Mindorks Newsletter #17
Sept 26th, 2018

content cover Why we may need to create custom views? The best way to start would be to understand how android manages view groups and lays out views on the screen.

content cover A software engineer must know all the shortcuts of the IDE he is using and must have the environment BENT to his will. Given a keyboard he must be able to navigate through the IDE all around.

content cover Often early in our careers, We are so focused on developing new Apps with new features that we never actually care about the performance of our apps.

content cover If you’ve been developing Android Apps for some time, you’re probably already tired of working with findViewById in your day-to-day life to recover views.

content cover Annotations and Annotation Processors are here with us for over a decade now. There are many libraries like ButterKnife, Dagger, Room etc, which uses annotation processors.

content cover I have started using bluetooth low energy since January this year and I know it is not difficult but there are not enough resource on the web i stated writing posts about it.
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