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Mindorks Newsletter #16

Mindorks Newsletter #16
Sept 18th, 2018

content cover In this video tutorial we will learn about Android Looper, Handler, and HandlerThread. These are the classes provided by the Android OS for managing a thread and the tasks it runs.

content cover It is really disappointing when someone finds security bugs or vulnerabilities in your app. This happens because developers don’t look at their application from an attacker's point of view.

content cover I’m going to show you how to actually improve your build performance through rigorous analysis and testing. That means I’m not going to throw random hacks at you for copypastaing.

content cover One of the features I had never used from Firebase is Firebase Remote Config. At first, it seemed like a feature that is not necessary and without any value.

content cover Android App Bundle is an app publishing format by Google which supports downloading parts of your app when needed only, that’s a much better alternative.

content cover Weekly update on Kotlin resources.

content cover Multi-Touch in android was available since Android 2.0. When more than one finger touches the screen multi-touch gesture happens and android provide various apis to handle these gestures.
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