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Mindorks Newsletter #15

Mindorks Newsletter #15
Sept 11th, 2018

content cover In this video tutorial we will learn about the need of synchronization in a Java multithreaded programs and how the synchronization is achieved through Monitor and Locks.

content cover Caching is a way of temporarily storing data fetched from a network on a device’s storage, so that we can access it at a later time when the device is offline or if we want to access the same data again.

content cover UCE-Handler, an Android library helps you (developers, testers or users) to share the details of the uncaught-crash while you were using/testing the app during its development.

content cover The Jetpack article, Guide to App Architecture, describes an algorithm for providing data to an app by either retrieving sufficiently recent data from a local cache, or loading the latest data from the network.

content cover Weekly update on Kotlin resources.

content cover In this article, I will talk about the two most popular ways of styling React Native Apps — StyleSheet and styled-components. We will look at how to structure the style objects and I will share a few tips!

content cover Practically it is not feasible to summaries the MVP pattern here in few lines. But I can assure you that every single line of the following article worth your time.

content cover Have you ever wished that your Multithreading code is never read by someone who has your address and a knife? Kotlin Coroutines are here to help you with the nightmares.
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