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Mindorks Newsletter #13

Mindorks Newsletter #13
Aug 28th, 2018

content cover Navigation is a common problem that every Android app has to solve. There are many challenges around it that become more noticeable as the app grows in complexity.

content cover This article is for the developers who’ve heard of or have been using Realm Database in their Android apps. We will setup the Android project in a way that Realm takes lesser space.

content cover On Mindorks Medium Publication itself, Mindorks is a family of more than 20,000 developers which means if you are a writer at Mindorks, you are already connected to these many developers.

content cover While we often work on many java applications little do we know about the management JVM does on it’s own to make stuff easy for us so that we can focus on app development.

content cover Android has provided us with many powerful componentized model for building your UI. All of these models are based on fundamental layout classes: View and ViewGroup.

content cover An APK Extractor app lets you manage the apps in your phone, providing you with features to extract the apk out of any app, share the apk using other apps and uninstall the apps from your phone.

content cover Well if you are well versed with Web development or have some know how of it , then definitely you must have come across the term “React”.

content cover Browse through all the awesome Android animation libraries, projects, tools and apps.

content cover A drawing view for your android application.
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