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MindOrks Read #41

MindOrks Read #41
July 9th, 2019

content cover Learning to write good code in Android is very important to avoid bugs. One of the patterns which we can follow is Starter Pattern which we have discussed in this video.

content cover In this video, we will learn how to implement caching In Android using RxJava operators. RxJava is powerful. First, we need to understand why caching is useful?

content cover ProGuard is a tool which is used to minify the code, obfuscate the code and optimize the code in an Android application. It reduces the size of the application. It makes the application difficult to reverse engineer by obfuscating the code.

content cover In this video, we have discussed - Kotlin or Java? What should you learn as a beginner and as an experienced developer for Android App Development? Should I learn Java or Kotlin for Android App Development?

content cover This is the demo video on the lesson on Android Architecture Component in the MindOrks Android online course for professionals. Learn more about this course here:
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