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Update Dec 2016

Library is discontinued

There's still a lot of wheel libraries out there.

Update Oct 2014 I am thinking of rewriting this control. Update will contain most requested features, numerous improvements and optimizations. But main point in update is to discontinue ICS lookalike and support Material Design (Android 5.0 Lollipop) look and feel instead. Sadly I wasn't able to find any reference images of something like it.

So if someone will find it - please drop me a line via creating issue, and I'll start tinkering.

This widget is based on wheel widget by Yuri Kanivets. See 'downloads' section for demo or download it from Google Play.

Example Image

Original widget was rewritten a bit to have ICS-like look and feel and to support horizontal scrolling. It should also to be a bit faster due to some optimizations. Please watch out when specifying layout for items - they should have fixed size.

Change to and add sdk path to the file

Use IDEA or Android Studio Import Project like this:

Example Image Example Image

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