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2737 Stars
This light-weight library provides images with letter/text like the Gmail app. It extends the Drawable class thus can be used with existing/custom/network ImageView classes. Also included is a fluent interface for creating drawables and a customizable ColorGenerator.
Nov 21, 2014, amulyakhare
2480 Stars
Vertical marquee view.
Jun 6, 2016, sfsheng0322
2164 Stars
A simple Countdown View.
Oct 15, 2015, iwgang
2156 Stars
Tree view implementation for Android.
Feb 14, 2015, bmelnychuk
2081 Stars
Android Timeline View Library (Using RecyclerView) is simple implementation used to display view like Tracking of shipment/order, steppers etc.
Dec 18, 2015, vipulasri
1924 Stars
A rich and dynamic sheet selector.
Aug 9, 2015, zzz40500
1924 Stars
Library that enables TextView of ImageView to show loading animation while waiting for the text and image get loaded.
Aug 28, 2016, elye
1855 Stars
Amazing Material Login effect.
Aug 5, 2016, fanrunqi
1668 Stars
Sometimes we need to show a label view above a ImageView or others, labelview will help you, let code easy.
Feb 15, 2015, linger1216
1630 Stars
A library for supporting convex material shadows.
May 31, 2017, harjot-oberai
1557 Stars
FloatingView can make the target view floating above the anchor view with cool animation.
Nov 5, 2016, UFreedom
1544 Stars
Pay your attention to our new library that makes it possible to read, edit and write CSV files. If you use Android-based device, you can easily use our library for implementation of all aforementioned actions. In addition, you will be able to change rows and columns, display the picture via link, and align the required data. It will surely help you cope with your tasks faster and make your output higher. AdaptiveTableLayout library is at your disposal.
Mar 28, 2017, Cleveroad
1354 Stars
A simple, customizable and easy to use swipeable view stack for Android.
Jan 29, 2016, flschweiger
1324 Stars
json2view is a simple library that can convert a compatible JSON file to an Android view so you can load dynamically the view in your Android app without the need to update the APK.
Jan 30, 2015, Avocarrot
1268 Stars
The TileView widget is a subclass of ViewGroup that provides a mechanism to asynchronously display tile-based images, with additional functionality for 2D dragging, flinging, pinch or double-tap to zoom, adding overlaying Views (markers), built-in Hot Spot support, dynamic path drawing, multiple levels of detail, and support for any relative positioning or coordinate system.
Dec 14, 2014, moagrius
1266 Stars
Give a custom shape to any android view.
Feb 23, 2018, florent37
963 Stars
ScratchView repo is UX Design involving scratch cards like views which are scratched to reveal the information they conceal.
May 13, 2016, sharish
946 Stars
A new canvas drawing library for Android.
Oct 9, 2015, antwankakki
944 Stars
Android View that displays different content based on its state (Content, Empty, Error, Loading).
Apr 23, 2015, Kennyc1012
933 Stars
A view which can add sticker and zoom, drag, delete it.
Aug 12, 2016, wuapnjie
924 Stars
Fully customizable implementation of "Snowfall View" on Android.
Dec 25, 2016, JetradarMobile
909 Stars
An Android library containing a simple TableView and an advanced SortableTableView providing a lot of customisation possibilities to fit all your needs.
Jul 28, 2015, ISchwarz23
900 Stars
FloatingView for Android.
Aug 5, 2015, recruit-lifestyle
843 Stars
An easy flip view to create views with two sides like credit cards.
Jan 9, 2017, wajahatkarim3
839 Stars
An Android library to implement TicketView in android with normal, rounded and scallop corners.
Dec 3, 2017, vipulasri
826 Stars
VoronoiView is a view (ViewGroup) that allows you to add and display views inside Voronoi diagram regions.
Jan 2, 2017, Quatja
780 Stars
Dynamic Speedometer, Gauge for Android. amazing, powerful, and multi shape :zap: , you can change (colors, bar width, shape, text, font ...everything !!), this Library has also made to build Games with accelerate and decelerate.
Aug 17, 2016, anastr
466 Stars
This library is a set of VIEWS (not Preferences) and is aimed to solve this problems:
May 18, 2016, yarolegovich
423 Stars
This library aims to provide a chat UI view.
Jan 6, 2017, bassaer
390 Stars
Customizable Android Particles Drawable and View.
Apr 9, 2017, Doctoror
115 Stars
EditDrawableText - An EditText which makes your Drawable Clickable.
Jul 4, 2018, MindorksOpenSource
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