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View Adapters
5231 Stars
An AdapterView with support for vertical and horizontal scrolling.
Aug 12, 2014, lucasr
3461 Stars
An Android library to retrofit multiple item view types.
Aug 4, 2016, drakeet
2750 Stars
FlexibleAdapter for RecyclerView.
Jul 29, 2015, davideas
2322 Stars
The RecyclerView is one of the most used widgets in the Android world, and with it you have to implement an Adapter which provides the items for the view. Most use cases require the same base logic, but require you to write everything again and again.
Jan 11, 2016, mikepenz
1720 Stars
Groupie helps you display and manage complex RecyclerView layouts.
Sep 30, 2016, lisawray
1576 Stars
android-parallax-recyclerview is an adapter which could be used to achive a parallax effect on RecyclerView.
Nov 6, 2014, kanytu
1149 Stars
Open source project in order to implement Pinterest like list view on Android.
Feb 11, 2015, GDG-Korea
1135 Stars
Renderers is an Android library created to avoid all the Adapter/ListView boilerplate needed to create a new adapter and all the spaghetti code that developers used to create following the ViewHolder classic implementation.
Dec 8, 2014, pedrovgs
1005 Stars
An Adapter that allows a RecyclerView to be split into Sections with headers and/or footers.
Apr 23, 2016, luizgrp
890 Stars
A slim & clean & typeable Adapter without VIEWHOLDER.
Apr 20, 2017, MEiDIK
720 Stars
A beautiful leanback port for Smartphones and Tablets.
Sep 1, 2015, florent37
632 Stars
Don't write a RecyclerView adapter again. Not even a ViewHolder!
Jun 30, 2016, nitrico
588 Stars
MergeAdapter accepts a mix of Adapters and Views and presents them as one contiguous whole to whatever ListView it is poured into. This is good for cases where you have multiple data sources, or if you have a handful of ordinary Views to mix in with lists of data, or the like.
Dec 15, 2014, commonsguy
435 Stars
EfficientAdapter is an efficient adapter to make the use of RecyclerView much easier.
Oct 30, 2014, StanKocken
398 Stars
RecyclerView adapter classes for managing multiple view types.
Apr 5, 2015, yqritc
345 Stars
A quick adapter library for ListView, GridView, RecyclerView, ViewPager and ExpandableListView on android.
Apr 16, 2016, thepacific
234 Stars
Decouple the item(/nested viewholder) from recyclerview's adapter.
Aug 24, 2016, nekocode
186 Stars
Adapter library for RecyclerView to display your app's OSS dependencies.
May 1, 2016, yshrsmz
181 Stars
This project demonstrates of simple approach for implementation complex lists, based on RecyclerView.
Dec 3, 2017, MaksTuev
140 Stars
Creating adapters each time you want to use a RecyclerView is boring. Also, creating an adapter that accepts different types of data, with its corresponding views, and manage them generates adapters with lines and lines of code that are difficult to maintain.
Nov 4, 2014, alexrs
105 Stars
Composable adapters for Android RecyclerViews and ListViews.
Jul 9, 2016, NextFaze
78 Stars
RecyclerView.Adapter that supports empty state, error state and loading state.
Aug 16, 2015, rockerhieu
65 Stars
The easiest way to use a RecyclerView on Android.
Jan 25, 2017, ajalt
41 Stars
GenericRenderers is an Android library created to avoid all the boilerplate needed to use a RecyclerView with adapters.
Apr 1, 2016, aballano
33 Stars
An extandable adapter which provides swipe to delete on your row item.
Apr 12, 2017, BelkaLab
9 Stars
PersistentRecyclerAdapter is a simple, lite weight android library that persists data across fragment and activity recreation.
Apr 18, 2018, devmike01
8 Stars
A small and yet powerful library, which greatly simplifies building lists of different items.
Dec 17, 2017, Trading212
7 Stars
Base and simple List, Recycler and Spinner adapters for the Android platform.
Mar 7, 2017, universum-studios
7 Stars
It is a recycler view adapter that supports multiview holders, filters, and child view click events.
Sep 27, 2017, SungHunJung
6 Stars
Ported adapters for ViewPager allowing usage for both Android framework and support development approaches.
Mar 6, 2017, universum-studios
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