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Input Validator

Input validation and error displaying for any Android view that extends from a TextView. This library is born from frustration towards complex if statements and a desire to make form validation much, much easier.

What does the library do?

  • Wrap around any View extending from TextView
  • Allow multiple Validator objects to be attached.
  • When the View loses focus the input will be validated against the Validators
  • Display an error message if the input isn't successfully validated
    • If the input is wrapped in a TextInputLayout it will be used to display the message
    • If the input is not wrapped in a TextInputLayout the error will be shown in the inpput
    • The above can be overriden using an OnValidationErrorListener which allows you to do whatever you want with the error received
InputValidator inputValidator = ValidateInputs.validate((TextInputEditText) findViewById(;
inputValidator.addValidator(new TextEmptyValidator());

By implementing the Validator object you can create your own validation methods.

public class TextEmptyValidator implements Validator {

    public boolean validate(String input) {
        return !(input == null || input.isEmpty());

    public String getValidationMessage() {
        return "The text view is empty.";

How to use

Add this to your gradle dependencies.

compile ''

Want to contribute?

Great! If you notice anything that I could be doing better please create an issue and let me know.

I would also LOVE to know if anyone has any Validator ideas, the more the merrier.

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