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VerbalExpressions is a Java library that helps to construct difficult regular expressions.

Getting Started

Maven Dependency:


You can use SNAPSHOT dependency with adding to pom.xml:



VerbalExpression testRegex = VerbalExpression.regex()
	           				.maybe("www.").anythingBut(" ")

// Create an example URL
String url = "";

// Use VerbalExpression's testExact() method to test if the entire string matches the regex
testRegex.testExact(url); //True

testRegex.toString(); // Outputs the regex used:
                      // ^(?:http)(?:s)?(?:\:\/\/)(?:www\.)?(?:[^\ ]*)$
VerbalExpression testRegex = VerbalExpression.regex()

String testString = "defzzz";

//Use VerbalExpression's test() method to test if parts if the string match the regex
testRegex.test(testString);       // true
testRegex.testExact(testString);  // false
testRegex.getText(testString);    // returns: def

Builder can be cloned:

VerbalExpression regex = regex(regex().anything().addModifier('i')).endOfLine().build();

Or can be used in another regex:

VerbalExpression.Builder digits = regex().capt().digit().oneOrMore().endCapt().tab();
VerbalExpression regex2 = regex().add(digits).add(digits).build();

Feel free to use any predefined char groups:


Define captures:

String text = "aaabcd";
VerbalExpression regex = regex()

regex.getText(text)     // returns "abcd"
regex.getText(text, 1)  // returns "b"

More complex examples

Other implementations

You can view all implementations on

[ Javascript - PHP - Python - C# - Objective-C - Ruby - Groovy - Haskell - C++ - ... (moarr) ]

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