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Android USB MIDI Driver

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USB MIDI Driver using Android USB Host API

  • No root privilege needed.
  • Supports the standard USB MIDI devices; like sequencers, or instruments.
  • Supports some non-standard USB MIDI (but protocol is compatible with USB MIDI) devices.
    • YAMAHA, Roland, MOTU, or other makers' devices listed on device_filter.xml can be connected.
  • Supports multiple device connections.
  • Has javax.sound.midi compatible classes.


  • Android : OS version 3.1(API Level 12) or higher, and have an USB host port.
    • The android Linux kernel must support USB MIDI devices. Some Android device recognizes only USB-HID and USB-MSD by kernel configurations.
  • USB MIDI (compatible) device

the optional thing:

  • The self powered USB hub (if want to connect multiple USB MIDI devices).
  • USB OTG cable (if the Android device has no standard USB-A port).
  • USB MIDI <--> Lagacy MIDI(MIDI 1.0) converter cable (if want to connect with legacy MIDI instruments).

Repository Overview

  • Library Project : MIDIDriver

    • The driver for connecting an USB MIDI device.
  • Sample Project : MIDIDriverSample

    • The sample implementation of the synthesizer / MIDI event logger.
    • Pre-compiled sample project is available on Google Play Market.

Library Project Usages

See the project wiki for the library usages.


  • What is the 'cable' argument of "onMidi..." or "sendMidi..." method?
    • A single USB MIDI endpoint has multiple "virtual MIDI cables". It's used for increasing the midi channels. The cable number's range is 0 to 15.
  • The application doesn't detect the device even if the USB MIDI device connected.


Apache License, Version 2.0

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