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2020 Stars
This is a driver library for communication with Arduinos and other USB serial hardware on Android, using the Android USB Host API available on Android 3.1+.
Jul 5, 2014, mik3y
1987 Stars
libusb is a C library that provides generic access to USB devices. It is intended to be used by developers to facilitate the production of applications that communicate with USB hardware.
Jul 5, 2014, libusb
885 Stars
Usb serial controller for Android.
Aug 16, 2016, felHR85
473 Stars
A library to access USB mass storage devices (pen drives, external HDDs, card readers) using the Android USB Host API. Currently it supports the SCSI command set and the FAT32 file system.
May 13, 2017, magnusja
290 Stars
Android Library for communicating with physical-computing boards (e.g.Arduino, mbed).
Jul 5, 2014, ksksue
214 Stars
USB MIDI Driver using Android USB Host API.
Jul 5, 2014, kshoji
167 Stars
This Android app allows you to control a Canon or Nikon DSLR camera through USB. Project is not maintained.
Jul 22, 2014, michaelzoech
133 Stars
USB Serial Terminal for Android.
Jul 5, 2014, ksksue
120 Stars
This application will provide information about almost all currently plugged-in USB device.
Jul 5, 2014, alt236
31 Stars
adk-toolkit exposes an AdkManager to manage UsbManager and UsbAccessory. In this way you don't need to fully understand some background concept about how ADK works but, as soon as possible, you should read ADK official documentation.
Dec 25, 2014, palazzem

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