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Quick Action is a small android library for easy create Tooltips with some action or just as decoration. folk from NewQuickAction3D by Lorensius W. L. T.

Not just a Tooltips, This a Tooltips with Action!.

Because NewQuickAction3D is design of Android 2.x. So, I change it's style to fit with Material Design but still compatible with old java source code interface, Refactor, Transform to Gradle project and publish to JCenter.


Quick Action demo



  • Step 1 - set JCenter repository (This step not require for modern android project)
  • Step 2 - Add dependencies on app module
dependencies {
  compile 'me.piruin:quickaction:LATEST_VERSION'

Change LATEST_VERSION to latest version name


  • Step 1 - Set JitPack repository
allprojects {
  repositories {
      maven { url "https://jitpack.io" }
  • Step 2 - Add dependencies on app module
dependencies {
  compile 'com.github.piruin:quickaction:LATEST_VERSION'

Change LATEST_VERSION to latest version name

Maven Central

No, I'm not publish to Maven Central

How to Use

See SampleActivity for Information how to use

QuickAction almost use same old NewQuickAction3D interface. Original ExampleActivity by Lorensius W. L. T still work and cover main part of it. You can get more information at his blog http://www.londatiga.net/it/how-to-create-quickaction-dialog-in-android/

New Feature

My QuickAction have some additional feature more than original


Background Color

  //Popup color
  quickAction.setColorRes(R.color.pink) //set by Color Resource
  quickAction.setColor(Color.WHITE) // or by Color class

Text Color

  //Text color

NOTE! setTextColor apply only ActionItem that added afterward.


Since 2.4 Control divider visibility and color by milap tank


By default, Divider is enable for Horizontal and disable of Vertical

Override Resouce

Since 2.4 android Dimen and Color resource of QuickAction marked as public, So you can override it on resource file in your project

  <dimen name="quick_action_icon_size">@dimen/menu_icon_size</dimen>
  <dimen name="quick_action_arrow_width">40dp</dimen>
  <dimen name="quick_action_arrow_height">40dp</dimen>
  <dimen name="quick_action_corner">@dimen/card_corner</dimen>
  <dimen name="quick_action_shadow_size">@dimen/card_corner</dimen>
  <dimen name="quick_action_separator_width">@dimen/list_separator_size</dimen>
  <color name="quick_action_shadow_color">@color/primary_color_dark</color>

Quick Intent Action

To lazy create list of Activity or Service that match with your Intent

  Intent intent = new Intent(Action.VIEW) // intent your want to start
  QuickAction quickIntent = new QuickIntentAction(this)

Developer By

Original Developer


See CHANGELOG for details


This project under Apache 2.0 license


Project/File License Copyright
NewQuickAction3D Apache 2.0 Copyright 2011 Lorensius W. L. T
ArrowDrawable.java MIT Copyright (c) 2016. Viнt@rь
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