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Android Fine Tuner

There was a little thing that bothered me: when you are about to release your app, there are some twicks to be done: fine tining colors, margins and more. This requires recompilation, uploading to the device, navigating to the desired screen just to change 1dp. That's a log of time!

This tool will allow you to do it instantly, you just add that one class to your project, pair your device with the local wifi network. and you can change all those small things instantly!

Here is a demo video:


  1. Copy the to your project
  2. Call FineTuner.registerActivity(this) in the onCreate() of your activity
  3. Install the Fine Tuner Client for Google Chrome
  4. Open the app and enter the local ip of your android device


if you want to check the capabilities of this tool first, you are welcome to install that demo app. note that you will have to install the Client on your Google Chrome

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