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Device Frame Generator

Wrap your app screenshots in real device artwork. For more information, see the website.

Adding Devices

To add new devices, you'll need to add 7 images in the app/src/main/res/drawable-nodpi:

  • device_land_back
  • device_land_glare
  • device_land_shadow
  • device_port_back
  • device_port_glare
  • device_port_shadow
  • device_thumb

All these should be in the png format and named as above - with device replaced with a key that will identify this set of frames. Once that's done, simply add the metadata in located at app/src/main/java/com/f2prateek/dfg/ Here's what an example for the Nexus 5 would look like.

@Provides(type = SET) Device provideNexus5() {
    return new Device.Builder().setId("nexus_5")
        .setName("Nexus 5")
        .setLandOffset(436, 306)
        .setPortOffset(306, 436)
        .setPortSize(1080, 1920)
        .setRealSize(1080, 1920)

You can see what the metadata fields mean at


Simply execute ./gradlew clean build.

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