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23198 Stars
A memory leak detection library for Android and Java.
May 9, 2015, square
8465 Stars
It is a tool for reverse engineering 3rd party, closed, binary Android apps. It can decode resources to nearly original form and rebuild them after making some modifications; it makes possible to debug smali code step by step. Also it makes working with app easier because of project-like files structure and automation of some repetitive tasks like building apk, etc.
Dec 1, 2014, iBotPeaches
5476 Stars
J2ObjC is an open-source command-line tool from Google that translates Java code to Objective-C for the iOS (iPhone/iPad) platform. This tool enables Java code to be part of an iOS application's build, as no editing of the generated files is necessary. The goal is to write an app's non-UI code (such as data access, or application logic) in Java, which is then shared by web apps (using GWT), Android apps, and iOS apps.
Jan 30, 2015, google
5202 Stars
One-click screenshots, video recordings, APK installations for Android phones and smart watches connected to your Mac.
May 7, 2015, mortenjust
5104 Stars
A transparent ui-block detection library for Android, app only needs one-line-code to setup.
Jan 2, 2017, markzhai
5034 Stars
A web-based set of tools for generating graphics and other assets that would eventually be in an Android application's res/ directory.
Jul 5, 2014, romannurik
4181 Stars
Battery Historian is a tool to analyze battery consumers using Android "bugreport" files.
Dec 8, 2014, google
3733 Stars
Tool which allows to quickly try the demo project of any Android Library
Aug 21, 2015, cesarferreira
2923 Stars
Generic Android Deobfuscator. Simplify virtually executes an app to understand its behavior and then tries to optimize the code so that it behaves identically but is easier for a human to understand. Each optimization type is simple and generic, so it doesn't matter what the specific type of obfuscation is used.
Jan 7, 2018, CalebFenton
2684 Stars
A surgical debugging tool to uncover the layers under your app.
Jul 5, 2014, JakeWharton
2471 Stars
ViewServer is a simple class you can use in your Android application to use the HierarchyViewer inspection tool.
Aug 18, 2014, romainguy
2006 Stars
VectAlign (a.k.a. VectorDrawableAlign) is a command line tool which automagically aligns two VectorDrawable "pathData" strings in order to allow morphing animations between them through an AnimatedVectorDrawable.
Sep 4, 2015, bonnyfone
1807 Stars
AndroidGodEye is a performance monitor tool for Android(not limited to performance data) , you can easily monitor the performance of your app in real time in pc browser.
Dec 16, 2017, Kyson
824 Stars
An Android debug / develop tools written using Kotlin language. All the features in Debug bottle are only available on debug build version with your app, it doesn't has an impact on release version.
Oct 25, 2016, kiruto
573 Stars
A simple way to define and render UI specs on top of your Android UI.
Sep 10, 2014, lucasr
492 Stars
Android Library Finder
Mar 27, 2015, cesarferreira
425 Stars
The missing library manager for Android Developers.
Sep 10, 2017, cesarferreira
395 Stars
Pixel grid overlays for debugging whether assets are drawing at their native resolution.
Jul 5, 2014, JakeWharton
258 Stars
Manage your own internal Android App Store:
Nov 6, 2018, SimonMarquis
224 Stars
Wrap your app screenshots in real device artwork.
Feb 7, 2015, f2prateek
209 Stars
This is a powerful little tool that helps converting single or batches of images to Android, iOS, Windows and CSS specific formats and density versions given the source scale factor or target width/height in dp.
Jan 26, 2017, patrickfav
197 Stars
AndroidResizer is a simple Java desktop app for automatically re-sizing android assets.
Mar 12, 2016, BlitzKraig
152 Stars
Fastest way to run your gradle tasks.
Jul 5, 2017, cesarferreira
126 Stars
QuickDemo is a Nougat 7.0 quick settings tile for fast access to the Marshmallow 6.0 System UI demo mode. The app also provides a configuration activity for customizing available demo mode settings.
Nov 20, 2017, PSPDFKit-labs
64 Stars
Detective Droid is here to help you investigate what libraries are being used inside applications that are installed on your device.
Sep 2, 2014, michaelcarrano
64 Stars
Give your boring javadocs a splash of colors!
Aug 22, 2016, nisrulz
48 Stars
Densinator is a Bash script, that scans your current directory looking for image files, and generates the drawables for all Android densities.
Sep 22, 2015, robertoestivill
38 Stars
AnUitor is a result of my rebranding experiences of one android app what i was working on. Because of structure of project(s), not using themes, complexity of UI and app itself, it was really hell and time consuming work to finish app rebranding. Project structure had been done like sub-projects, because of big amount of different assets, logic, etc. I found out also AnUitor very useful in time of UI refactoring/bugfixing other apps what i didn't know much deeply from UI perspective.
Jan 11, 2015, jbruchanov
23 Stars
This tool allows you to tweak your layout in real time just like inspect element in the browser.
Oct 20, 2017, kirill578
19 Stars
This is a simple, straightforward, clean and organic python script to convert iOS images into Android compatible ones.
Oct 27, 2014, matheusjardimb
16 Stars
Clean up the intellij Android studio files.
Oct 23, 2015, cesarferreira
9 Stars
aminc is a version code incrementer for compiled AndroidManifest.xml files
Dec 15, 2014, gregko
4 Stars
Generates public.xml for Android libraries, which allows resources to be hidden from clients. More info
Apr 18, 2017, stephentuso

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