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AndroidTestingPlease is an Android project that uses Robolectric and Espresso for testing and Gradle to build. Project uses several jars:

  • espresso-1.1.jar
  • testrunner-1.1.jar
  • testrunner-runtime-1.1.jar
  • robolectric-2.4-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar

Robolectric is added as a jar because we had to compiled Robolectric repo with one shadow added. It had to be done because of robolectric issue:


Setup required Java 1.6, Android SDK, Gradle 2.1 and git.

  1. Clone AndroidTestingPlease
git clone
  1. Build project
./gradlew clean build
  1. Run robolectric tests
./gradlew clean test
  1. Run espresso tests (Make sure that your phone or emulator is connected)
./gradlew clean connectedAndroidTest

##You can also fire your tests in IntelliJ IDEA 14

Before importing project to Intellij install plugin Android Studio Unit Test

alt tag

##Where are tests results?

  1. Unit tests results
  1. Espresso tests results
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