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2394 Stars
Spock is a testing and specification framework for Java and Groovy applications. What makes it stand out from the crowd is its beautiful and highly expressive specification language. Thanks to its JUnit runner, Spock is compatible with most IDEs, build tools, and continuous integration servers.
Jul 5, 2014, spockframework
1825 Stars
Truth is a testing framework designed to make your tests and their error messages more readable and discoverable, while being extensible to new types of objects.
Feb 25, 2015, google
1739 Stars
A specification framework for Kotlin.
Sep 1, 2016, JetBrains
1669 Stars
KotlinTest is a flexible and comprehensive testing tool for the Kotlin ecosystem based on and heavily inspired by the superb Scalatest. KotlinTest provides several ways to lay out your test so that your team can pick the style they are most happy with. It also includes many matchers which allow you to write many different types of assertions easily and in a human readable way. Finally, there's helpers for things like collection testing, and future testing.
Sep 27, 2016, kotlintest
1597 Stars
assertj-android is a set of AssertJ assertions geared toward testing Android.
Jul 5, 2014, square
1300 Stars
TestNG is a testing framework inspired from JUnit and NUnit but introducing some new functionalities that make it more powerful and easier to use.
Jul 5, 2014, cbeust
897 Stars
An Android TDD bootstrap project, use a collection of new technology, obey best practices, inspired from some popular architectures, develop with many handy tools.
Oct 2, 2015, Piasy
836 Stars
Espresso is a great tool to test our Android apps via instrumental tests. With them, we can mimic user actions like clicking a button, scrolling a list, selecting an item on a spinner or swiping on a pager. Then, we can assert that a text appears in the screen, an image is visible or invisible, or a button is enabled or not.
Feb 11, 2017, SchibstedSpain
523 Stars
Kluent is a "Fluent Assertions" library written specifically for Kotlin.
Dec 13, 2016, MarkusAmshove
396 Stars
EqualsVerifier can be used in Java unit tests to verify whether the contract for the equals and hashCode methods in a class is met.
Jan 28, 2017, jqno
365 Stars
JsonUnit is a library that simplifies JSON comparison in unit tests.
Dec 23, 2017, lukas-krecan
250 Stars
JGiven is a developer-friendly and pragmatic BDD tool for Java. Developers write scenarios in plain Java using a fluent, domain-specific API, JGiven generates reports that are readable by domain experts.
Nov 20, 2016, TNG
201 Stars
Save time & clear your unit tests on Android!
May 12, 2016, florent37
197 Stars
TestObserver to easily test LiveData and make assertions on them, inspired by RxJava. Allows effective testing of your ViewModel and makes TDD possible.
Oct 22, 2018, jraska
151 Stars
Calculon is a testing DSL for Google Android. It allows you to write activity tests and user story tests.
Aug 10, 2015, mttkay
148 Stars
Nice AssertJ assertions for RxJava.
May 11, 2016, ubiratansoares
124 Stars
AssertJ assertions for RxJava Observables.
Aug 29, 2015, ribot
107 Stars
Running instrumentation tests on Android using Espresso requires disabling animations. DeviceAnimationTestRule is a JUnit rule which disables device animations prior to running any test, and enable them after every test has been executed.
Dec 18, 2016, VictorAlbertos
106 Stars
Gwen is a simple library that allows writing acceptance tests in a Given-When-Then syntax.
Nov 25, 2014, shazam
92 Stars
android-spock allows to run Spock on Android.
Jan 11, 2015, AndrewReitz
60 Stars
JFixture is an open source library based on the popular .NET library, AutoFixture.
Feb 24, 2017, FlexTradeUKLtd
48 Stars
Simple assert to verify that your object has implementation of Parcelable Android interface.
Oct 30, 2015, artem-zinnatullin
36 Stars
Frutilla lets java software development teams describe the tests in plain text, and link them to the specifications.
Sep 7, 2015, ignaciotcrespo
34 Stars
Simple JUnit rule for overriding RxJava/RxAndroid schedulers during unit tests.
Nov 4, 2016, Plastix
34 Stars
Simple test to see if all models in project correctly implement Parcelable.
May 16, 2016, Commit451
27 Stars
This library provides a JUnit TestRule that plants a temporary Timber tree that pipes any logs sent via Timber to the standard System.out. Once a unit test has completed, the Timber tree is removed to avoid logging unintended test cases.
Apr 14, 2018, LachlanMcKee
25 Stars
JConditions is an extension for JUnit framework, which allows to mark test methods with specific conditional annotations. It helps to keep clean your test methods and prevents a lot of unnecessary code.
Aug 31, 2015, vbauer
17 Stars
SimpleAB is a framework to help you A/B test your Android applications with no hassle. A/B testing should be as simple as it needs to, and if you're not interested in handling huge SDKs and understanding complex dashboards and documentation articles, SimpleAB is the tool you was looking for.
May 6, 2015, julioz
16 Stars
Kheera is a BDD Framework, especially design for Android application development workflows. It's designed to be fast, small and completely compatible with Android Test Kit, Espresso 3, UIAutomator etc.
Nov 25, 2017, andrewjc
13 Stars
Spek extensions to match BDD language.
Apr 2, 2018, rozkminiacz
11 Stars
A JUnit rule which allows unit testing of custom Lint rules.
Jan 2, 2017, a11n

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