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2126 Stars
NiceSpinner is a re-implementation of the default Android's spinner, with a nice arrow animation and a different way to display its content.
Aug 3, 2015, arcadefire
975 Stars
A simple spinner for Android with Material Design.
Feb 9, 2016, jaredrummler
925 Stars
This library provides you a Spinner with the Material style. You can use it like any "normal" Spinner and add floating label text, hint and error messages.
Apr 18, 2015, ganfra
700 Stars
If you like developing Android, you must "hate" Spinners. I had countless issues with Spinners and I decided to make a new one. BetterSpinner is using AutoCompleteTextView to do what a Spinner really should do.
Apr 7, 2015, Lesilva
486 Stars
Searchable Spinner is a dialog spinner with the search feature which allows to search the items loaded in the spinner.
Mar 11, 2016, miteshpithadiya
243 Stars
A Searchable Spinner with customizable color and a nice reveal animation.
Jan 21, 2017, michaelprimez
58 Stars
Android Spinner Widget with multi selectable list.
May 19, 2015, thomashaertel
44 Stars
This library provides you an RTL Spinner with the Material style. You can use it like any regular Spinner. Add RTL floating label text, hint and error messages.
Jan 22, 2017, aliab
36 Stars
A spinner you can customize your hint and header of dialog with floating label.
Jan 4, 2018, james602152002
32 Stars
A flexibly configurable, beautifully animated, device-rotatable drop down list widget.
Mar 29, 2018, siralam
29 Stars
Spinner2 is a re-implementation of the default Android's spinner, with a simple way for control selection behavior.
Oct 12, 2015, ablack13
26 Stars
Feb 24, 2019, jrizani
22 Stars
Implementation of a Material Spinner for Android wich supports TextInputLayout functionalities.
Jun 16, 2019, tiper
22 Stars
A lightweight wrapper around Spinner widget for android with Hint/Header label.
Mar 3, 2019, jaiselrahman
19 Stars
Android's regular spinner can be really annoying sometimes. Unwanted calls during initialization, doesn't let user to select same item etc. Respinner is a simple spinner which supports item click events. You can set item click listener.
Aug 20, 2017, santalu
9 Stars
Bug free LabelledSpinner with native Spinner component floating label!
Feb 16, 2017, guitcastro

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