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1555 Stars
Library that implements Snackbars from Google's Material Design documentation.
Nov 24, 2014, nispok
1232 Stars
A highly customizable, powerful and easy-to-use alerting library for Android. It can be used as an alternative to Snackbar or Toast and offers a plethora of useful features and customization options to play with.
May 14, 2018, aritraroy
1215 Stars
Toast-like alert pattern for Android inspired by the Google Material Design Spec
Aug 27, 2014, MrEngineer13
394 Stars
Snacky is a small library to help you adding a Snackbar to your layout with ease. Snacky uses an easy builder pattern to build a Snackbar and gives you some template designs like ERROR, WARNING, INFO and SUCCESS as well as some customization options.
Feb 20, 2017, matecode
72 Stars
SnackbarBuilder provides a builder pattern that not only makes Snackbars easier to create, but it also provides some extra customisations.
Mar 31, 2016, andrewlord1990
72 Stars
SnackBar messages for Android Applications
Sep 25, 2014, Kennyc1012
64 Stars
Customizable Snackbar with material design.
Oct 21, 2015, TakeoffAndroid
52 Stars
Engage Users with a Snackbar from the design lib to e.g. rate or translate the app.
Sep 23, 2016, ligi
42 Stars
An extension to the Snackbar view available at the Android Design Support Library.
Jan 22, 2016, SandroMachado
40 Stars
An easy to use wrapper of the native Android Snackbar which stays visible across multiple activities. It provides different themes to start with, and allows you to easily manage common scenarios like success, warning, error, info.
May 27, 2017, loregr
35 Stars
Tiny library that uses Android Design Support Library and lets you create and show snackbars in a fluent manner.
Jun 22, 2016, AntonyGolovin
13 Stars
Library simplifying usage of Snackbar with Android Data Binding.
Apr 25, 2016, AleksanderMielczarek
12 Stars
An Android Kotlin library for fully customizable Snackbars.
Nov 14, 2017, egek92
4 Stars
Very user friendly Snackbar. it provides almost every feature of Snackbar like icons, display time, action, background color and many more.
Nov 17, 2017, ankitdubey021
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