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5480 Stars
The ShowcaseView library is designed to highlight and showcase specific parts of apps to the user with a distinctive and attractive overlay. This library is great for pointing out points of interest for users, gestures, or obscure but useful items.
Jul 5, 2014, amlcurran
4505 Stars
An implementation of tap targets from the Material Design guidelines for feature discovery.
Sep 15, 2016, KeepSafe
2560 Stars
Material intro screen is inspired by Material Intro and developed with love from scratch.
Sep 20, 2016, TangoAgency
2446 Stars
Simple library that helps developers to create awesome sliding android app tutorial.
Feb 25, 2016, Cleveroad
2337 Stars
A Material Design themed ShowcaseView for Android.
Aug 17, 2015, deano2390
2249 Stars
Material Intro View is a showcase android library.
Jan 30, 2016, iammert
2176 Stars
PaperOnboarding is a material design slider.
May 14, 2016, Ramotion
1549 Stars
A simple material design app intro with cool animations and a simple API.
Feb 27, 2016, heinrichreimer
1506 Stars
A beautiful way to introduce users to you app.
Aug 8, 2016, eoinfogarty
1416 Stars
This is an Android project. You, as a mobile developer, can use this library to show a material about screen in your apps. It was build to make your life easier when introducing you to your users, and also, to create a about screen pattern for material android apps. It's really simple and dynamic, check it out.
Feb 13, 2017, jrvansuita
1326 Stars
An easy-to-use customisable show case view with circular reveal animation.
Mar 17, 2017, faruktoptas
1200 Stars
Spotlight is a android library to onboard user by showcasing specific features in the app.
Jun 16, 2016, 29jitender
1183 Stars
A Tap Target implementation in Android based on Material Design Onboarding guidelines.
Aug 19, 2016, sjwall
850 Stars
Onboarding library for android with Gradient, Image or Solid color backgrounds.
Sep 19, 2016, codemybrainsout
832 Stars
Android Library demonstrating a material intro tutorial much like the ones on Google Sheets
Feb 29, 2016, riggaroo
485 Stars
A simple and Elegant Showcase view for Android.
Aug 20, 2016, florent37
366 Stars
An example project which imitates Liulishuo guide view.
Aug 26, 2016, JeasonWong
361 Stars
Here comes a new Android library for those who are tired of old boring image sliding in mobile apps. Bitutorial is a simple way to add a unique transition between slides. Whether your application supports a sliding tutorial or image change feature, you certainly want to create a memorable experience.
Aug 1, 2016, Cleveroad
327 Stars
An Android library project providing Activity with explanation about views in your app.
Jan 19, 2015, itzikBraun
320 Stars
Vertical intro allows you to integrate material vertical intro to your app
Oct 30, 2016, armcha
251 Stars
Android Onboarder is a lightweight library that helps you to create a simple and beautiful welcome screen (as known as App Intro, Onboarding Experience and etc.) for your users.
Apr 6, 2016, chyrta
195 Stars
Ready to use tutorial screen.
Sep 25, 2017, msayan
186 Stars
BubbleShowCase is an elegant and simple framework developed in Kotlin (usable also in Java) that let you to use informative bubbles to help your users pointing out different features of your application or in your App onboarding. The basic use of the framework consists on a target element passed as input which will be highlighted over a translucent background and pointed out by a customizable bubble.
Sep 15, 2018, ECLaboratorio
175 Stars
Fancy Walkthrough is a simple and lightweight library that helps you to create cool and beautiful introduction screens for your apps without writing dozens of lines of code.
Jan 15, 2018, Shashank02051997
147 Stars
Show case card view.
Jun 24, 2017, dimorinny
137 Stars
The library is designed to highlight and showcase specific parts of apps to the user with a attractive and flat overlay.
Jan 22, 2018, mreram
89 Stars
EasyIntro is the flexible, easy to use, all in one app intro library for your Android project.
Apr 16, 2016, meness
87 Stars
A simple way to show the user interface tutorials.
Jan 15, 2017, Popalay
80 Stars
Android library that provides a simple way of make user discovering your apps when he first opens it.
Jun 14, 2016, MajeurAndroid
70 Stars
Android Onboarder is a simple and lightweight library that helps you to create cool and beautiful introduction screens for your apps without writing dozens of lines of code.
Dec 25, 2017, Swisyn
16 Stars
This library focus on giving tour about your application and its features. You can highlight the where to tap to enable or disable the feature. Show the first time user, how to use the feature by showcasing the feature step by step.
May 28, 2019, chhatrasal09
5 Stars
A simple and easy way to create Intro/Welcome screen for your android application.
Apr 10, 2017, razraj

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