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1048 Stars
Android device shake detection.
Jul 5, 2014, square
481 Stars
GAST is a toolkit for using Android's Sensing capabilities. It contains the examples, boiler plate code, and algorithms you need to properly use Android sensors.
Jul 5, 2014, gast-lib
216 Stars
The ES Sensor Manager Library is a library project for Android application developers. The main goal of the project is to make accessing and polling for Android smartphone sensor data easy, highly configurable, and battery-friendly.
Jul 5, 2014, emotionsense
194 Stars
HandWave is a library that allows developers to enable touch-free interactions in their apps. HandWave uses the built-in, forward-facing camera on a device to recognize users’ in-air gestures. The API provides developers with access to a variety of touch-free gestures which invoke callback functions when detected.
Aug 3, 2014, kritts
173 Stars
An android widget library to show GPS status and signal strength.
Apr 7, 2017, hzw1199
171 Stars
Detect device shake in background (if you want), specifying sensitivity, range, counts.
May 2, 2017, safetysystemtechnology
164 Stars
GravityView is an Android adaptation of Facebook instant articles. The concept behind the library is to utilize the motion sensors of an Android device and allow the end user to explore the product by rotating his device. It uses gyroscope motion sensor readings to scroll the image.
Mar 29, 2017, gofynd
140 Stars
Android library monitoring hardware sensors with RxJava Observables.
Sep 7, 2015, pwittchen
127 Stars
Sample demonstrating how to set up SensorEventListeners for step detectors and step counters.
Jul 22, 2016, googlesamples
115 Stars
Annotate methods to use as listeners for a sensor.
Nov 3, 2016, dvoiss
91 Stars
Android Orientation Sensor Library helps you to get more accurate vector values of orientation, using all available device sensors.
Jul 7, 2015, majidgolshadi
80 Stars
Simple Reactive wrapper for Android sensors.
Mar 30, 2016, wandup
73 Stars
Dynamic Android Sensor HAL.
Jul 5, 2014, sonyxperiadev
67 Stars
The app is designed to provide the readout as raw as possible and intended to be used by people who want to either test their device's sensors or compare sensors of different devices.
Jul 5, 2014, onyxbits
65 Stars
A library containing a custom Service allowing to collect data from the Sensor.TYPE_STEP_COUNTER introduced with Android 4.4 (available only for devices that supports this hardware feature).
Feb 12, 2015, OrangeGangsters
42 Stars
This library runs background service that is listening for shake movements in device.
Sep 21, 2015, jcmore2
41 Stars
Android Library for exporting/managing data from the Sensor Manager Library.
Jun 17, 2015, emotionsense
40 Stars
Sensorium is an Android Application that collects "sensor" information from your device ("Sensor data") and provides external interfaces to gather and process the data for scientific experiments. This is done in a privacy-preserving way.
Jul 5, 2014, fmetzger
24 Stars
AnalogStickLibrary is a simple library that provides an analog stick to use for screen controls.
Oct 24, 2014, DeveloperPaul123
16 Stars
This library tries to simplify the process of getting the degrees to north.
Oct 27, 2016, MarsVard
15 Stars
Widget to calibrate sensors (Orientation). This Calibrator can be embedded in your own App.
May 9, 2017, xenione
15 Stars
A simple timeout sensor that detects if there hasn't been any user interaction for a specified amount of time. If the timer runs up without interaction, a dialog will popup giving them another 30 seconds to 'stay logged in' otherwise the app will kill itself.
Mar 30, 2017, buradd
12 Stars
RxSensors is a simple library, RxJava2 compatible, that acts as a wrapper around the Android Sensor's system, converting the stream of sensor data, into a Flowable that emits the same events, so that you can combine more sources of data for more complex operations.
Oct 7, 2018, Joseph82

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