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A sample of how to mimic the way that the contacts app handles a Fast-Scroller for a RecyclerView

This POC is based on this website's tutorial, but with a lot of fixes, optimizations, cleaner code, and of course styling like on Lollipop's contacts app.


enter image description here


Here's how the contacts app of Android Lollipop (5.0.x) looks like: enter image description here

and here's how I managed to mimic its fast-scroller: enter image description here

Known issues and TODOs

  1. It's a POC, so it's not so comfortable to customize, but on the other hand, you can put any style you wish.
  2. I think there are issues when changing the orientation.
  3. Not a library. I hope I can think of a way that this could be a nice library
  4. Minimal API is 11 . I'd like it to be lower.
  5. Supports only LinearLayoutManager for now. Wish it would also support Gridlayoutmanager .
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