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Scroll Views
9397 Stars
ObservableScrollView is an Android library to observe scroll events on scrollable views.
Nov 17, 2014, ksoichiro
2134 Stars
The library provides an iOS-like over-scrolling effect for many Android native views. It also allows for very easy expansion to support custom views.
Dec 5, 2015, EverythingMe
1855 Stars
A flexible view for providing a limited rect window into a large data set, just like a two-dimensional RecyclerView.
Dec 3, 2016, Kelin-Hong
1450 Stars
Scroll + discover = DiscrollView
Jan 3, 2015, flavienlaurent
1220 Stars
Android library for creating simple pagination functionality (aka infinite scrolling) upon RecyclerView or AbsListView.
Nov 16, 2015, MarkoMilos
1051 Stars
A "quick jump" sidebar control for RecyclerView.
Aug 1, 2016, Solartisan
725 Stars
An Android library that brings the Material Design 5.1 scrollbar to pre-5.1 devices. Designed for recyclerViews.
Sep 4, 2015, turing-tech
650 Stars
A ListView-like FastScroller for Android's RecyclerView.
Oct 22, 2016, L4Digital
600 Stars
Mugen is a microlibrary for implementing infinite scroll on Android.
May 6, 2015, vinaysshenoy
518 Stars
A sample of how to mimic the way that the contacts app handles a Fast-Scroller for a RecyclerView.
Aug 14, 2016, AndroidDeveloperLB
458 Stars
QuickScroll is a library aimed at creating similar scrolling experiences to the native Contacts app's People view. It has the same scrolling capabilities as the ListView's native fast-scroll, but comes with a much a much more customizable design, two indicator styles and an always visible scrollbar. The two most common modes are popup and indicator. Works seamlessly with ListView and ExpandableListView.
Feb 2, 2015, andraskindler
454 Stars
A sample application showы how to realize immersive parallax effect header like Google Play app.
Jun 26, 2017, matrixxun
384 Stars
Provides fast scroll and section indexer for recycler view. Uses a different mechanism than similar libraries to provide smooth movement of scroller handle when scrolling the list. Can be used with vertical and horizontal RecyclerViews. You can style it or even use a custom layout and animations for your fast scroll handle and bubble.
Aug 15, 2016, FutureMind
254 Stars
A library to make views hide from top and bottom while scrolling a custom NestedScrollView.
Jan 18, 2018, SIMMORSAL
241 Stars
Widget for RecyclerView fast scrolling, like Android's built-in FastScroller for AbsListView.
Oct 24, 2015, plusCubed
240 Stars
A implementaion of scrollview, gesture and linearlayout.
Feb 13, 2017, developer-shivam
221 Stars
An Android library which supports overscroll bounce effect.
Jul 12, 2016, chthai64
194 Stars
Mar 5, 2017, webianks
191 Stars
This is an amazing image slider for the Android.
May 30, 2019, smarteist
175 Stars
A library for delayed scrolling.
Jan 16, 2017, kubode
174 Stars
This is an open source library which uses the scroll bar library. Clock widget was added inside the scroll bar panel which gives a Path 2.0 like effect and can be customized according to your needs.
Oct 6, 2014, learnNcode
165 Stars
Parallax on Android in the simplest way.
Jul 23, 2015, florent37
158 Stars
A Material Design Bubble Scroll Bar.
Dec 18, 2018, Trendyol
78 Stars
Updated and revised version of flavienlaurent's DiscrollView.
Apr 6, 2017, egek92
75 Stars
A cool animated RecyclerView clock face scroller.
Sep 28, 2016, andyb129
57 Stars
This is a Tinder like android stretch top ScrollView / pull to zoom custom View.
Oct 3, 2016, klaszlo8207
52 Stars
Sticky observable nested ScrollView for Android.
Jun 9, 2016, nitrico
46 Stars
A ScrollView with spring drop-down effect.
Nov 16, 2017, SouthernBox
46 Stars
A ScrollView with spring drop-down effect.
Nov 16, 2017, NanBox
30 Stars
Custom ScrollView that keeps fragments in a ViewPager synchronized at the same height.
Feb 6, 2016, enrichman
29 Stars
An easy to use implementation for fast scroll RecyclerView.
Apr 9, 2017, volsahin
12 Stars
This project is an EndlessScroll for RecyclerView
Oct 22, 2017, rafaelcrz
11 Stars
The goal of this library is to help you in your development of User Interface. This library will give you scrolling background effect as shown in the below image.
Sep 16, 2017, sgaikar1

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