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AndResGuard is a tool to proguard resource for Android, just like ProGuard in Java. It can change res/drawable/wechat to r/d/a, and rename the resource file wechat.png to a.png. Finally, it repackages the apk with 7zip, which can reduce the package size obviously.
Jan 18, 2016, shwenzhang
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android-resource-remover is utility that removes unused resources reported by Android Lint from your project. The goal is to reduce your APK size and keep the app clean from unused stuff.
Aug 10, 2014, KeepSafe
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ArscBlamer is a command-line tool that can parse an Android app's resources.arsc file and extract useful, actionable information about its contents.
May 30, 2016, google
346 Stars
An easy way to dynamically replace Strings of your Android App or provide new languages Over-the-air without needed to publish a new release on Google Play
Jan 22, 2019, JcMinarro
168 Stars
Replace bundled Strings dynamically, or provide new translations, for Android.
Apr 9, 2018, hamidness
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ExternalResources is a Android library which allows you to use resources over the air.
Jan 5, 2016, prcaen
129 Stars
A comprehensive list of string-arrays that you may need on a daily basis when developing an Android app.
Aug 23, 2015, vinaygaba
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Like JavaPoet, but for Android XML Resources.
Sep 9, 2016, Commit451
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Loquacious is a library for managing localized resources remotely.
Nov 21, 2017, saantiaguilera
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A list of most useful resources for designing android apps such as all material colors and dimens, 180 Gradient background + html, social, flat, fluent, metro colors.
May 27, 2019, ma3udmohammadi
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Android Unused Resources is a Java application that will scan your project for unused resources. Unused resources needlessly take up space, increase the build time, and clutter the IDE's auto-complete list.
Nov 25, 2014, Danesh
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Have you ever been in a situation where you had to access android Resources (strings, colours, drawables, etc.) based on their names (for example if the names are stored in a DB, or come from an API) and you had to write long lookup tables converting the names into R.XXXX.ids? And maintaining them?
Nov 18, 2017, alt236

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