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Recycler Views
17662 Stars
Powerful and flexible RecyclerAdapter.
May 29, 2016, CymChad
7049 Stars
UltimateRecyclerView is a RecyclerView (advanced and flexible version of ListView) with pulling to refresh, loading more, swiping to dismiss, drag and drop, animations, and many other features.
Mar 11, 2015, cymcsg
5656 Stars
Epoxy is an Android library for building complex screens in a RecyclerView. It abstracts the boilerplate of view holders, item types, item ids, span counts, and more, in order to simplify building screens with multiple view types. Additionally, Epoxy adds support for saving view state and automatic diffing of item changes.
Aug 26, 2016, airbnb
4911 Stars
A RecyclerView that implements pull-to-refresh, load-more, and header features. You can use it like a standard RecyclerView.
Nov 29, 2015, jianghejie
4583 Stars
android-advancedrecyclerview is a RecyclerView extension library. It provides Google's Inbox app like swiping and Play Music app like drag and drop sorting features.
Jan 27, 2015, h6ah4i
4187 Stars
RecyclerView snapping example with SnapHelper.
Sep 1, 2016, rubensousa
3090 Stars
A custom recycler view with shimmer views to indicate that views are loading.
Jan 10, 2017, sharish
2735 Stars
ChipsLayoutManager is a custom layout manager for RecyclerView which represents a Google chips material design guideline.
Oct 28, 2016, BelooS
2635 Stars
Features built in:
Dec 19, 2014, Malinskiy
2270 Stars
An Android's two-dimensional RecyclerView. Not only can load historical data, but also can load future data.
Jan 29, 2017, zhouchaoyuan
2209 Stars
RecyclerView-FlexibleDivider - Android library providing simple way to control divider items of RecyclerView.
Jan 21, 2015, yqritc
2207 Stars
TableView is a powerful Android library for displaying complex data structures and rendering tabular data composed of rows, columns and cells. TableView relies on a separate model object to hold and represent the data it displays.
Dec 29, 2017, evrencoskun
2020 Stars
A set of features to work with RecyclerView:
May 31, 2016, Jude95
1909 Stars
Simple, easy and super fast dynamic view creation with awesome animations prebuilt!
Sep 28, 2016, janishar
1592 Stars
Google Photos style multi-selection for RecyclerViews.
Oct 26, 2015, afollestad
1369 Stars
A RecyclerView with support of addHeaderView and addFooterView features.
Jun 30, 2016, cundong
1270 Stars
Build expandable descendant navigation, inspired by Google Inbox's rad UI.
Sep 15, 2018, saket
1215 Stars
The Expandable RecyclerView is a library written to allow for an expanded view to be attached to each ViewHolder. To allow for full functionality of a normal RecyclerView in both the parent ViewHolder and the expanded child ViewHolder, the recyclerview has been modified to use two types of ViewHolders, a child and a parent with the ability to customize each separately.
Jul 10, 2015, bignerdranch
1181 Stars
Adapter and LayoutManager for Android RecyclerView which enables sticky header positioning.
May 19, 2016, ShamylZakariya
1087 Stars
A simple FastScroller for Android's RecyclerView.
Jan 19, 2016, timusus
1030 Stars
The RecyclerViewFastScroller is a widget that can be added to a layout and connected to a RecyclerView for fast scrolling. In the interest of time, I am pushing out some usable code, but I plan on updating this to better support easy customization and inclusion in projects.
Feb 22, 2015, danoz73
1000 Stars
This library add something for swipe item settling, recover base on the Itemtouchhelper.
Sep 5, 2016, loopeer
954 Stars
A RecyclerView extension for building list more easily.
Feb 4, 2017, jaychang0917
903 Stars
Android Library to provide swipe, click and other functionality to RecyclerView.
Jun 21, 2016, nikhilpanju
856 Stars
Ultimate RecyclerView.
Jun 15, 2017, developer-shivam
856 Stars
May 30, 2019, vivchar
825 Stars
A couple of sticky header decorations for android's RecyclerView.
May 31, 2015, edubarr
609 Stars
RecyclerViewHelper provides the most common functions around recycler view like Swipe to dismiss, Drag and Drop, Divider in the ui, events for when item selected and when not selected, on-click listener for items.
May 10, 2016, nisrulz
575 Stars
TimetableLayout is a layout manager and item decorations to display the timetable.
Feb 24, 2019, MoyuruAizawa
535 Stars
Helper library for recyclerviews to create composable view holders without boilerplate code.
May 21, 2017, DevAhamed
498 Stars
Dividers is a Android library to easily create separators for your RecyclerViews. It supports a wide range dividers from a simple one that apply all your items to system of selectors to apply different styles to each item.
Sep 10, 2015, Karumi
429 Stars
A very easy-to-use and non-intrusive implement of Swipe to dismiss for RecyclerView.
May 19, 2015, CodeFalling
387 Stars
StickyTimeLine is timeline view for Android.
Jan 5, 2018, sangcomz
370 Stars
A library to work with RecyclerView as easily as if you'd use ListView or GridView.
Nov 24, 2015, iwgang
362 Stars
Easily add Sticky Headers to your RecyclerView.
Jul 16, 2016, bgogetap
358 Stars
A Powerful AlphabetIndex FastScroller for Android's RecyclerView! Its shows Alphabets over scrolling the recycle view from A-Z.
Feb 12, 2017, myinnos
278 Stars
A library for draggable boardview.
Jun 13, 2017, jakebonk
244 Stars
Highly customizable Android library written in Kotlin that uses AndroidX and extends RecyclerView to include extra features, such as support for gestures like swipe and drag & drop.
Oct 29, 2018, ernestoyaquello
69 Stars
Convenience library to handle different view types with different presenters in a single RecyclerView.
May 15, 2016, kibotu
19 Stars
This library based on RecyclerView, and has a purpose easy work with lazy loading (pagination) data.
March 5, 2019, JDroidCoder

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