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33065 Stars
Type-safe REST client for Android and Java by Square, Inc.
Jul 5, 2014, square
2948 Stars
A simple convenience library for using a HttpURLConnection to make requests and access the response.
Jul 5, 2014, kevinsawicki
816 Stars
An RxJava 2 CallAdapter.Factory implementation for Retrofit 2.
Aug 16, 2016, JakeWharton
619 Stars
The purpose of this library is to ease the data management in an Android application.
Jul 5, 2014, foxykeep
588 Stars
Wasp is compact, complete, easy-in-use and all-in-one network solution. Wasp uses: Volley, Gson, OkHttp.
Aug 27, 2015, orhanobut
225 Stars
A Converter implementation using LoganSquare JSON serialization for Retrofit 2.
Dec 30, 2015, mannodermaus
209 Stars
Appsly Android REST (AKA RESTrung) is a annotation based client library to connect to RESTful services on Android with an emphasis in simplicity and performance that automatically handles the implementation for most common REST use cases.
Jul 5, 2014, 47deg
187 Stars
A OkHttp 3 client implementation for Retrofit 1.
Apr 21, 2016, JakeWharton
106 Stars
Magnet rest2mobile generates native code for mobile apps from REST APIs. It turns actual REST requests and responses into source code (Objective-C, Android, and JavaScript) that you can call from your mobile app. The source code automatically handles:
Jan 26, 2015, magnetsystems
94 Stars
NotRetrofit turns your REST API into a Java interface.
Aug 24, 2015, yongjhih
80 Stars
A simple rest API client library.
Jun 13, 2015, darko1002001
54 Stars
Jus is a flexible and easy HTTP/REST client library for Java and Android.
Sep 26, 2016, apptik
54 Stars
Lightweight HTTP client using HttpURLConnection under the hood. The primary use case is for libraries and SDKs which don't need/want all the features (and methods!) OkHttp provides.
Feb 18, 2016, reisub
34 Stars
Simplified android async HTTP client.
May 15, 2016, nisrulz
30 Stars
A perfectically simple library to manage http requests.
Jun 22, 2016, studioidan
30 Stars
An Android library for sending fast and clean json request, using volley.
Dec 15, 2015, alirezaafkar
24 Stars
A synchronous CallAdapter.Factory implementation for Retrofit 2. This project brings Retrofit 1's synchronous usage to Retrofit 2.
Apr 20, 2017, jaredsburrows
23 Stars
SyncIt will call a method implemented in your activity to notify data connection changes.
Mar 1, 2017, jineshfrancs
23 Stars
Windigo is an easy to use type-safe rest/http client for android and android developers.
Jul 5, 2014, burakdede
21 Stars
A facade between executing requests and creating them. The library provides an interface for creating requests, but delegates the actual execution to RequestExecutors. It also generates REST services for you using annotation processing.
Dec 22, 2014, raizlabs
18 Stars
SimpleRESTClientHandler is an Open Source Android library that allows developers to easily make request to a REST server using VOLLEY and GSON.
Feb 27, 2016, julianfalcionelli
16 Stars
Android Http Service is probably the easiest way of using RestServices with Android.
Sep 10, 2014, aguilarguisado
15 Stars
A small library to make easy connect to a REST webservice.
Nov 26, 2015, greengrowapps
13 Stars
restafari is an android library mostly oriented to facilitate REST API calls to a server and storing the server API response to a local SQLite database.
Apr 19, 2016, SpartanJ
13 Stars
A minimal RESTEasy client for mobile devices
Aug 10, 2014, drorba
12 Stars
EasyNetwork - is powerful and easy-to-use http library for Android.
Apr 13, 2017, jaksab
12 Stars
Run GET, POST and DOWNLOAD API on Android. Library takes care of Cookie Management and http caching.
Apr 9, 2016, AvinashSKaranth
10 Stars
EasyWebservice lets you easily send RESTful request and get model object instead of raw json.
Sep 14, 2018, ashkanpower
8 Stars
It's a networking library. You can call RESTful APIs in your project by using this.
Nov 26, 2017, ankuryadav7
7 Stars
Simplest library to implement rest client APIs using okhttp3 in your app.
Aug 28, 2016, ravi123shanker
6 Stars
A simple rest library that consumes rest api in the background.
Jul 14, 2018, Johnyoat
5 Stars
The Sweetest way into connecting to your server. Now min SDK is 3!
Jan 21, 2017, jianastrero
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