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How to setup paytm account?

->Create your paytm account using mobile number, emailid(option) and password.
-> open this link then go for business signup from right top side menu.
-> Go for 'Payment Gateway for Website/App.
-> If you want to create LIVE account then you need to enter all given data shown in first form.
-> and if you want to create stagging (Testing) account please find 'Developers looking to access Sandbox: Click here' and click on it.
-> To Generate Sandbox Credentials add company name,yourname,email id,accept payment on app/web or both select option from given choice and add app url and weburl.
-> Select Dev Platform. if selected other then enter Callback URL.
-> after successfully register you will get bellow details::
Sandbox Merchant ID?
Website Url = ?
App Url = ?
Sandbox Merchant Key = ?
Channel Id = ?
Industry Type = ?

Dashboard Login Details
Merchant Panel Link = ?
User Name = ?
Password = ?

Now we are going to explain paytm android demo

-> For android paytm we need to add PGSDK_V2.1.jar file in lib folder.
-> If You have Auth Certificate then keep it in res/raw folder and create PaytmClientCertificate by password and filename.
-> If you have not Certificate file don't worry pass null instead of PaytmClientCertificate object.

Refer above example.

Thank you.

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