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2266 Stars
android-beacon-library is an Android library providing APIs to interact with beacons.
Feb 11, 2015, AltBeacon
1718 Stars
android-inapp-billing-v3 is a simple, straight-forward implementation of the Android v3 In-app billing API.
Jan 18, 2015, anjlab
945 Stars
android-checkout is a library for Android In-App Billing (v3). The main goal is to reduce work which should be done by developers who want to integrate in-app purchases in their products. The project is inspired by Volley library and is designed to be easy to use, fast and flexible.
Aug 20, 2014, serso
541 Stars
Android Billing Library implements in-app billing's full specification and offers high-level classes to use it. Transactions are stored in a local obfuscated database which can be easily queried.
Jul 5, 2014, robotmedia
477 Stars
OpenIAB is an open In-App Billing for:
Jul 5, 2014, onepf
328 Stars
Android Donations Lib supports donations by Google Play Store, Flattr, PayPal, and Bitcoin.
Jul 5, 2014, SufficientlySecure
249 Stars
Reactive Billing is a lightweight reactive wrapper around In App Billing API v3 for Android.
May 10, 2016, lukaspili
151 Stars
If your Android app is showing ads, but you would like to offer an option to remove them with a single in-app purchase, Premiumer is here to help!
Oct 16, 2015, tslamic
142 Stars
The main goal of the Beacon Keeper is to create solid and simple library for locating and working with iBeacons for Android.
Feb 9, 2015, m039
97 Stars
An Android library for handling In-App-Billing V3 (IABv3), based on Google's marketbilling sample code. The goal of this project is to build a reliable and tested library which can easily be included as an apklib in your projects.
Dec 24, 2016, jberkel
79 Stars
Android In-App Billing Library which provides several Rx Methods for Purchasing, Consuming and Listing Products Based on the initial work of Anjlab.
Dec 7, 2015, pavlospt
58 Stars
OPFIab is a next step from OpenIAB. It's an Android library intended to make in-app billing integration easy while supporting multiple billing providers (Appstores).
Aug 19, 2015, onepf
57 Stars
Trialy makes it easy to create a free trial for your in-app-purchases. Trialy takes care of the heavy lifting for you (using server-side checks with customizable grace periods to allow for offline use, for example) so you can focus on developing an amazing app. In addition to configuring the trial length, you can decide whether users should be able to try your app on each of their device, or just once for each Google account.
May 14, 2017, trialy
51 Stars
A Kotlin In App Purchase library that lets you easily manage your billing process in Android.
May 12, 2017, StephenVinouze
48 Stars
Rx wrapper for Billing Library with connection management.
Jul 17, 2018, betterme-dev
18 Stars
Reactive library for Play Store purchases.
Jan 15, 2017, VasyaFromRussia
17 Stars
Simple wrapper library for acquiring 2Checkout payment gateway token.
Aug 31, 2016, ViksaaSkool
16 Stars
CheckoutVerifier helps you Verify your In-App Purchase receipts & protect your Apps from hacking, patching used by Piracy Apps like Lucky Patcher.
Feb 4, 2019, ItzNotABug
14 Stars
Pentecost gives you a quick customizable PaymentView to use with PayStack. Simply show and hide as needed.
Nov 17, 2018, knightbenax
12 Stars
The in app purchase system provided by Google is missing one very important thing. This tool will allow app developers to provide their users with codes to be redeemed in app for extra content.
Sep 4, 2014, FutureHax
10 Stars
In app billing android google payment use this library to load google payment ui and get callback result.
Aug 21, 2017, uthayacloud
10 Stars
Many people facing confusion about how to integrate PayTm in Android. This demo application shows how to do it.
Mar 10, 2018, Sameer-Jani-201
6 Stars
Amazon In App Entitlement for in-app purchases.
May 29, 2019, Adnan865

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