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Password Inputs


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A customised EditText view serving the purpose of taking numeric One Time Password from a user. With stunning animation, and high customizability.

Demo with underline

Packed with features

  • Add custom character limit.
  • Use your own color scheme.
  • Do not allow user changing cursor position for smooth functioning.

How to integrate the library in your app?

Step 1: Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories:

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url "https://jitpack.io" }

Step 2. Add the dependency

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.swapnil1104:OtpEditText:{current_lib_ver}'

Step 3. Add OtpEditText to your layout file


How to customize the view.

Setting desired length for the OTP(One time password code)

To set custom length of the OtpEditText, use

android:maxLength="{your length}"

This will automatically generate the right amount of boxes for user to input the code in.

Setting primary custom color

The primary color signifies the boundary of the box that requires input from user. To change that use,


Setting secondary custom color

The secondary color signifies the boundary of the boxes that do not require input from user. To change that use,


Using multiple style options.

There are 4 style options that are available within the library for now.

  • rounded box
  • square box
  • underline
  • rounded underline

To use any of these styles, please add app:oev_box_style="@string\{box_style_input}" attribue. I have provided string resources for simpler usage.

    <string name="style_square">square_box</string>
    <string name="style_rounded">rounded_box</string>
    <string name="style_underline">underline</string>
    <string name="style_rounded_underline">rounded_underline</string>

Suppose you want the rounded underline option to be displayed. Then, please add: app:oev_box_style="@string/style_rounded_underline" in the OtpEditText xml code.

Masking input characters with Asterisk.

Functionality to mask the input with any special character has been introduced. To mask the input;


xml property must be introduced in the XML layout file.

Masking with any other special character.

To mask input with any character other than * you can do the following;


P.S. Please note that, in case of masking with a special character other than *, specify string with length one, otherwise the input string will be truncated to length 1.

For optimum usage; Please note.

  • Specify android:textSize according to your needs.
  • Specify android:padding according to your needs, there are no paddings drawn by default.
  • Specify android:layout_height according to the textSize you've provided. The view will try to center the text with a vertical biasing of 0.6f.
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