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Build a modern Android chat app with Kotlin

Read the full tutorial here:

>> Build a modern Android chat app with Kotlin

This demo app shows how to build an Android group chat app with Kotlin:

Running the demo

To run the demo follow these steps:

  1. Head to CometChat Pro and create an account
  2. From the dashboard, create a new app called "Kotlin Group Chat"
  3. One created, click Explore
  4. Go to the API Keys tab and click Create API Key
  5. Create an API key called "Kotlin Group Chat Key" with Full Access
  6. Download the repository here or by running git clone https://github.com/cometchat-pro-samples/kotlin-group-chat.git and open it in Android Studio
  7. Update strings.xml with your newly-created appID and apiKey
  8. Run the app and login with one of the test users: superhero1, superhero2, superhero3, superhero4 or superhero5

Questions about running the demo? Open an issue. We're here to help ✌️

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