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Country Picker X

A helpful and customizable Country Picker for your needs.



	repositories {
    	maven { url "" }
	compile 'com.github.ekimual:country-picker-x:1.0.0'

Sample Usage:

  /* Declare */
  CountryPickerDialog countryPicker;
  /* Name of your Custom JSON list */
  int resourceId = getResources().getIdentifier("country_avail", "raw", getApplicationContext().getPackageName());
  countryPicker = new CountryPickerDialog(MainActivity.this, new CountryPickerCallbacks() {
          public void onCountrySelected(Country country, int flagResId) {
                /* Get Country Name: country.getCountryName(context); */
                /* Call countryPicker.dismiss(); to prevent memory leaks */
          /* Set to false if you want to disable Dial Code in the results and true if you want to show it 
             Set to zero if you don't have a custom JSON list of countries in your raw file otherwise use 
             resourceId for your customly available countries */
      }, false, 0);;

Sample format of JSON list of countries Arranged in format with Country Code : Dial Code

    "ID" : "62",
    "PH" : "63",
    "VN" : "84"

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