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632 Stars
A Carousel picker library for android which supports both text and icons.
May 6, 2017, GoodieBag
629 Stars
Android library to display a list of items for pick one with blur effect (if you wish). Support for Android 3.0 and up. It supports portrait and landscape mode, saving the state.
Sep 8, 2015, DavidPizarro
386 Stars
Makes it easy and simple to integrate "Attach that file" feature into your android apps.
Apr 14, 2016, coomar2841
348 Stars
A Horizontal picker library for android which supports both text and icons
Feb 27, 2017, GoodieBag
286 Stars
This lib will convert recycler view into horizontal picker. The selected item will centred and scaled up.
Jun 6, 2017, adityagohad
269 Stars
CountryPicker is a simple library that can show a country picker.
May 8, 2016, mukeshsolanki
269 Stars
Two step picker dialog for Android that helps you easily pick nested data on android.
Feb 12, 2017, aliab
189 Stars
CountryCodePicker will help users to
Sep 5, 2015, chathudan
175 Stars
This library unifies the user contacts in a compact and user intuitive way allowing the end-user to choose between the contact's available communication options (email/phone number) following Material Design guidelines.
Jan 26, 2017, quiin
147 Stars
Country Code Picker (CCP) is an android library which provides an easy way to search and select country phone code for the telephone number.
May 14, 2017, joielechong
138 Stars
Easily display and retrieve contact information on Android.
Sep 2, 2016, codinguser
121 Stars
OptionsPickerView like in iOS.
Sep 26, 2016, RameshBhupathi
121 Stars
Android PickerView. Pick date and time, China divisions, etc.
Jul 23, 2018, duanhong169
101 Stars
A simple, material design multi-contact picker using RecyclerView and Alphabetical Fast Scrolling! The picker will read the device contacts (REMEMBER: Runtime permissions for retrieving contacts) and allow you to select 1-many and return them in a convenient list. Great for apps that wish to allow users to import from their contacts and/or invite their friends all at once.
Aug 20, 2017, broakenmedia
51 Stars
StringPicker is a library to provides a custom view and dialog fragment to pick string value.
Sep 4, 2015, hotchemi
43 Stars
CountryPicker is an Android library created to show a custom fragment which allows to choose a country.
Jan 13, 2016, juanpabloprado
42 Stars
Simple Ringtone Picker dialog which allows you to pick different sounds from ringtone, alarm tone, notification tone and music from external storage.
Apr 5, 2017, kevalpatel2106
41 Stars
CurrencyPicker is a simple library that can be show a currency picker.
Sep 30, 2017, midorikocak
36 Stars
A helpful and customizable Country Picker for your needs.
Sep 23, 2016, ekimual
36 Stars
A helpful and customizable Country Picker for your needs.
Sep 23, 2016, mike14u
25 Stars
CountryCurrencyPicker is an android picker library for country and / or currency. You can implement it as fragment or dialog. It offers the option to search for country values and / or currency values.
Oct 8, 2017, Scrounger
20 Stars
Simple country code picker dialog for Android.
Nov 20, 2018, BartNijland91
17 Stars
Ruller provides a horizontal scrollable ruler widget, developer can retrieve the value which user scrolled to. whole widget is drawn by canvas, you can custom ANY elements in this widget, provide a style by default.
Jul 14, 2018, TangKe
16 Stars
A picker of Local Government Areas and States for Nigerian developers.
May 14, 2017, aliumujib
15 Stars
Pick ringtone, notification, alarm sound and music files from external storage with an Activity or a dialog.
Sep 17, 2018, DeweyReed
14 Stars
A Doc Picker library for Android for selecting single/multiple files of any type.
May 5, 2019, Turtlebody
13 Stars
A port of iOS UIStepper, can be used a simple number picker
Oct 5, 2016, Shubhank101
10 Stars
It is an example to implement an Horizontal picker with the Leftmost element selected.
Aug 20, 2017, chemickypes
9 Stars
A simple, material design multi-app picker using RecyclerView and Alphabetical Fast Scrollingю The picker will read the device applications and allow you to select 1-1 or 1-many and return them in a convenient list.
Feb 10, 2018, biagiopietro
7 Stars
A simple dialog that allows users to choose a directory.
Mar 26, 2017, ramiloif

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