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2774 Stars
Flow is a small library that helps with describing an app as a collection of moderately independent screens. These screens can be pushed onto a concrete backstack to provide navigation history.
Jul 5, 2014, square
1856 Stars
Cicerone is a lightweight library that makes the navigation in an Android app easy.
Nov 22, 2016, terrakok
1359 Stars
Swipe back helper.
May 19, 2016, Jude95
1345 Stars
Simple and flexible router library for Android platform.
Dec 30, 2016, chenenyu
976 Stars
Android library for managing multiple stacks of fragments.
Apr 9, 2016, ncapdevi
732 Stars
AndRouter is a android framework used to map url to activities or actions.
Mar 24, 2016, campusappcn
692 Stars
A simple router lib to android.
Sep 30, 2016, yjfnypeu
672 Stars
An useful fragment navigator helps you control fragments better and easier. You will not need to worry about the dirty things like switch fragments, fragments overlay, save fragments states and restore fragments states. The lib will do them all for you. Fragments in activity and nest Fragment are all supported.
Apr 6, 2016, Aspsine
659 Stars
A light-weight library to make beautiful Navigation Bar easily with ton of customization options.
Mar 2, 2019, gauravk95
633 Stars
The simplest navigation library for Android.
Apr 20, 2017, wealthfront
570 Stars
Navigation toolbar is a slide-modeled UI navigation controller.
May 10, 2018, Ramotion
330 Stars
Meepo is a retrofit-like router generator for Android. You can use it to create routers for Activities, Fragments and even any things.
Apr 22, 2017, nekocode
250 Stars
When your users want to get from one location to another, don’t push them out of your application into a generic map application. Instead, keep them engaged with your application 100% of the time with in-app turn-by-turn navigation.
Sep 25, 2018, mapbox
212 Stars
Implementation of the multiple back stacks. Using this library allows implementation of persistent bottom navigation like in Instagram.
May 27, 2016, JetradarMobile
192 Stars
Easily add four tabbed bottom navigation bar in your app.
Apr 15, 2017, adib2149
177 Stars
FragmentMaster is a library allows you easily develop an Android application which only navigated by Fragments.
Dec 2, 2014, fengdai
173 Stars
Mortar Architect provides a flexible stack for navigating and displaying views and their presenters.
Jul 8, 2015, lukaspili
170 Stars
Dynamic in app URL router for Android.
Aug 13, 2016, eyeem
148 Stars
Name UI states, navigate between them, remember where you've been.
Jul 3, 2016, Zhuinden
144 Stars
A simple, hierarchical navigation bus and back stack for Android, with optional Rx bindings, and Toothpick integration for automatic dependency-scope management.
Mar 27, 2017, wongcain
105 Stars
A lightweight Android activity router written in Kotlin.
Oct 2, 2016, denisidoro
96 Stars
Floating navigation view for listing items dynamically on Android.
Jun 30, 2019, skydoves
76 Stars
A navigation bar widget inspired on Google Bottom Navigation mixed with Chips component.
Jun 14, 2019, ismaeldivita
59 Stars
Card Drawer is a library that provides an extra card behavior on drawer, such as, move view or scaling view's height while drawer on slide.
Mar 17, 2018, RupinSahu
58 Stars
Bottom Navigation based on Bottom Navigation View from Android
Nov 16, 2017, felixsoares
57 Stars
Bottom Navigation Bar Icons morphing.
Aug 17, 2017, tarek360
54 Stars
Tab Stacker is an Android library that handles Multiple Fragment History (Back Stacks), like it is done on iOS Apps.
Dec 2, 2016, smart-fun
54 Stars
A simple helper library to separate navigation logic from your MainActivity and reduce boilerplate.
Aug 23, 2016, rubensousa
52 Stars
Isolates navigation from UI and Business logic by providing simple navigation mechanism.
Jan 6, 2019, hakobast
49 Stars
A beautiful bottom navbar with Lottie animation capability. Latest Version: 1.1.3
Sep 20, 2018, subsub
48 Stars
A nice looking Spotify like bottom navigation view.
Aug 26, 2018, volsahin
44 Stars
An example project / library of customizable Bottom Navigation.
Aug 8, 2017, S64
31 Stars
A small routing library for Android with easy back button management and code generation to write less code.
Dec 29, 2016, FireZenk
31 Stars
Defrag is a simple to use library that allows for Fragment-free Android applications.
Jun 10, 2016, R3PI
30 Stars
DrawerLayout with blur functionality like iOS.
Aug 25, 2018, BALUSANGEM
29 Stars
BackStack is a light weight android navigation library for view based navigation. It supports animations and multiple multipage containers like bottom bars and view pagers.
May 1, 2017, kevinwang5658
29 Stars
The purpose of this manager is to handle a single stack flow of fragments on the screen so that the developer can easily create flows without having to worry about using the inner details of the Fragment Manager and the ChildFragmentManager. It makes use of a main Fragment as a container and presents and hides fragments within it at children.
Feb 23, 2016, DMCApps
23 Stars
A sleek, out of the box, easy to understand and use Navigational Library for android.
Dec 28, 2018, premacck
22 Stars
This is an example of how to implement navigation in a multi-module project.
Jun 30, 2019, ValeryPonomarenko
22 Stars
This library allows you to show bottom navigation quickly and simply.
Dec 6, 2018, harrylefit
21 Stars
A simple Android navigator.
Nov 30, 2017, ShabanKamell
20 Stars
Easy manage commit Fragment and Activity, with some little extra.
May 26, 2019, raphaelbussa
19 Stars
This library allows you to show bottom navigation quickly, simply and animated.
Apr 2, 2019, felixsoares
12 Stars
Custom implementation of NavigationView for using custom layout for navigation items and header.
Dec 12, 2016, jineshfrancs

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