What is Clank?

Clank is an open source HTML/CSS prototyping framework for tablet and smartphone apps. Think of it as Twitter Bootstrap but for prototyping native apps.


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How to use

Depending on your HTML/CSS skill level you can choose to use the Clank CSS files as "standalone" assets and build your prototype with HTML only. Refer to for documentation on which markup and CSS classes to use.

This repository provides a sample config.rb to work with Compass - you can run compass watch and the SCSS will compile to CSS.

If you want to take things a bit further (SCSS generation + icon font generation) do the following:

  • Make sure you have bower and grunt set up.
  • Run npm install and bower install to install the necessary dependencies.
  • Run grunt watch to watch for SCSS changes and to generate the icon fonts.

For a full workflow for making a prototype and documenting it you can use the Clank-Jekyll project.


Clank was inspired and uses parts of Ratchet.


Open a Github issue if you have any feedback or ideas.

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