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A simple, elegant UI menu with a circular layout and material design animations

We specialize in the designing and coding of custom UI for Mobile Apps and Websites.

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  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (API lvl 16) or greater
  • Your favorite IDE


​ Just download the package from here and add it to your project classpath, or just use the maven repo:


implementation 'com.ramotion.circlemenu:circle-menu:0.3.2'


libraryDependencies += "com.ramotion.circlemenu" % "circle-menu" % "0.3.2"



Basic usage

Place the CircleMenuView in your layout and set the icons and colors of the buttons, as shown below.


Example of arrays colors and icons in res\values\buttons.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <array name="icons">
    <array name="colors">

Or use the constructor

CircleMenuView(@NonNull Context context, @NonNull List<Integer> icons, @NonNull List<Integer> colors)

to add CircleMenuView and configure the buttons programmatically (in the code).

Next, connect the event handler CircleMenuView.EventListener as shown below, and override the methods you need.

final CircleMenuView menu = (CircleMenuView) findViewById(;
menu.setEventListener(new CircleMenuView.EventListener() {
    public void onMenuOpenAnimationStart(@NonNull CircleMenuView view) {
        Log.d("D", "onMenuOpenAnimationStart");

    public void onMenuOpenAnimationEnd(@NonNull CircleMenuView view) {
        Log.d("D", "onMenuOpenAnimationEnd");

    public void onMenuCloseAnimationStart(@NonNull CircleMenuView view) {
        Log.d("D", "onMenuCloseAnimationStart");

    public void onMenuCloseAnimationEnd(@NonNull CircleMenuView view) {
        Log.d("D", "onMenuCloseAnimationEnd");

    public void onButtonClickAnimationStart(@NonNull CircleMenuView view, int index) {
        Log.d("D", "onButtonClickAnimationStart| index: " + index);

    public void onButtonClickAnimationEnd(@NonNull CircleMenuView view, int index) {
        Log.d("D", "onButtonClickAnimationEnd| index: " + index);

You can use open(boolean animate) and close(boolean animate) methods, to open and close menu programmatically

Here are the attributes you can specify through XML or related setters:

  • button_icons - Array of buttons icons.
  • button_colors - Array of buttons colors.
  • icon_menu - Menu default icon.
  • icon_close - Menu closed icon.
  • icon_color - Menu icon color.
  • duration_ring - Ring effect duration.
  • duration_open - Menu opening animation duration.
  • duration_close - Menu closing animation duration.
  • distance - Distance between center button and buttons

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???? License

Circle Menu Android is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

This library is a part of a selection of our best UI open-source projects

If you use the open-source library in your project, please make sure to credit and backlink to

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