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8278 Stars
A custom view component that mimicks the new Material Design Bottom Navigation pattern.
Mar 17, 2016, roughike
5401 Stars
A menu which can ... BOOM!
Dec 22, 2016, Nightonke
4899 Stars
Side Menu project allows to create side menu with some categories to choose.
Jan 17, 2015, Yalantis
3908 Stars
This library helps users to use Bottom Navigation Bar and allows ton of customizations.
May 19, 2016, Ashok-Varma
3653 Stars
Library to implement the Bottom Navigation component from Material Design guidelines.
Mar 18, 2016, aurelhubert
3564 Stars
ContextMenu allows you can to add awesome animated context menu in your app.
Jan 17, 2015, Yalantis
2781 Stars
The idea of ResideMenu is from Dribble 1 and 2. It has come true and run in iOS devices. iOS ResideMenu This project is the RefsideMenu Android version. The visual effect is partly referred to iOS version of ResideMenu.
Jul 16, 2014, SpecialCyCi
2685 Stars
Neat library, that provides a simple way to implement guillotine-styled animation.
Jun 17, 2015, Yalantis
2614 Stars
An android lib for enhancing BottomNavigationView.
Dec 4, 2016, ittianyu
2558 Stars
An animated, customizable circular floating menu for Android, inspired by Path app.
Jul 26, 2014, oguzbilgener
1800 Stars
Space Navigation is a library allowing easily integrate fully customizable Google Spaces like navigation to your app.
Aug 19, 2016, armcha
1529 Stars
CircleMenu is a simple, elegant UI menu with a circular layout and material design animations.
Nov 15, 2017, Ramotion
1491 Stars
A toolbar that morphs from a FloatingActionButton.
Apr 27, 2016, rubensousa
1394 Stars
A PopupWindow wrapper.
Dec 23, 2017, zyyoona7
1279 Stars
Bottom Navigation component inspired by the Google Material Design Guidelines.
Apr 11, 2016, sephiroth74
1095 Stars
A better DropDownMenu solution.
Jun 29, 2016, baiiu
1015 Stars
Material Bottom Navigation.
Mar 26, 2016, armcha
962 Stars
Simple material-style flyout menus for Android. There are many flyout type menus for Android, but this one is mine.
Jul 13, 2016, ShamylZakariya
944 Stars
Simple library that helps creating a "Tap Bar" menu layout.
Dec 9, 2015, michaldrabik
894 Stars
Customisable menu that could have from 1 to 10 (and more) buttons. Colors, radius, pictograms - everything can be changed. It suits more for center oriented interfaces and screens. For example by tapping on profile avatar you can open additional functions like Edit, Change Photo etc.
Nov 8, 2016, Hitomis
877 Stars
A demo of the power menu with Reveal and other animations.
Jun 2, 2015, naman14
874 Stars
CircleMenu is a simple, elegant menu with a circular layout.
Feb 26, 2017, ImangazalievM
832 Stars
This Android library provides an easy way to create an alternative navigation drawer for android. Instead of a drawer that slides over the main content of the Activity, this lets the content slide away and reveal a menu below it.
May 21, 2017, PSD-Company
823 Stars
A simpler way for implementing the Bottom Navigation View on Android.
May 6, 2017, bufferapp
684 Stars
Tap Bar with infinite scrolling.
Jul 19, 2016, Cleveroad
680 Stars
Yet another bottom bar library for android material design.
Mar 10, 2019, iammert
657 Stars
A bottom sheet component for Android.
Aug 15, 2015, Kennyc1012
567 Stars
A multicard menu that could be opened and closed with animation.
Jul 2, 2015, wujingchao
566 Stars
The most powerful and easiest way to implement modern popup.
Oct 30, 2017, skydoves
527 Stars
A simple library that creates BottomSheets according to the Material Design specs.
Aug 23, 2016, rubensousa
504 Stars
Put some bubble in your tabs and give your apps a supa fresh style!
Aug 28, 2017, florent37
496 Stars
A simple & curved & material navigation bottom for Android written in kotlin.
Mar 4, 2019, shetmobile
459 Stars
This library allows to create simple popup menus programmatically with a nice type-safe builder syntax in Kotlin. Menus can be divided into separate sections with optional headers and contain icons.
Jan 21, 2018, zawadz88
454 Stars
ButtonMenu is an Android library created to build user interfaces based on buttons. This library has been implemented using Model View ViewModel pattern combined with an Android custom view that extends LinearLayout.
Aug 31, 2014, tuenti
110 Stars
A library for speedy implementation menu or some actions with BottomSheet.
Jun 5, 2017, whalemare
61 Stars
An android library that helps you easily animate and make a cool menu for your android app.
Feb 28, 2019, Pradyuman7
31 Stars
A simple Bottom Navigation Bar for Android.
Sep 11, 2017, Dimezis

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